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I wasn't going to write about my two Moms. But Leen came to me in a dream the night before I wrote that... She reminded me that if she could write about losing her children, then she thought I ...
by nicolemaschke
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My dad suffered a great deal for his work, helping our country, and even facing the McCarthy Commission. He was really a great guy. The nicest man I ever knew. The biggest heart. The kind of guy ...
by Floyd Blue
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Dear Daddy, I Miss You so much! What would you say about tonight’s Super Bowl? Yes, my non-sports-fan ass watched the Super Bowl, mostly for the commercials, though I was seriously disappointed ...
by Deja
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About my home and the people it came from.
by Pam LaPier
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It was 1974, and I was thirteen years old. My father was terminally ill with cancer, and we watched John Wayne movies every Sunday. I am often reminded of his disapproval when I wore a pair of jeans,
by Ann Marie Poli
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I was cruising the good old Youtube earlier today and found three songs that reminded me of my dad. Songs that he used to sing out loud, or talk about, from when he was a kid.... to us when we were ...
by BFSkinner
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My brother Reid is disabled. He has been living with me until we get him well enough so that he can move into his place 80 steps away from mine. Last night he went into Diabetic crisis when he blood ...
by michelewln
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Thursday is my Dad's birthday. He would have been 95. Instead he died at 80 of a sudden heart attack. He was planting a bush and keeled over and was dead before he hit the ground. I was the only ...
by michelewln
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My Dad had his 82nd birthday on Valentine's Day a year ago, and then passed away six days later. A tribute to him is here . I am so grateful for the support from the ...
by James Wells
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It is not possible to capture a lifetime in words. But I will provide a few regarding things I want to remember about Keith, my Dad. He was always strong. Both mentally and physically. When he ...
by JRFredlund
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I'm going to show you where my dad lives in Denver I went to visit my dad in Denver from last Thursday through yesterday. I hadn't been back there to visit in 3 years. He came to visit me about ...
by paradise50
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How will American society survive when there are members who display such xenophobia (hatred and fear of foreigners or strangers)? Hey, no matter who we are as a human group, we are all the same and ...
by thinkingblue
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I often talk about my mom here and not my dad. Well my father is a rock star. How about a few happy stories. At the top of the list is this. We had an openly gay family member move home. Literally ...
by webranding
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Violet, Mark, and George Andersen in better times (and Pixie, how can I forget her). This is my 13th Father's Day without a dad and my 13th Father's Day as a dad. When my dad, George Andersen, ...
by Mark E Andersen
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In the 1950s, stereotypical housewives, like June Cleaver , of Leave It To Beaver and Margaret Anderson of Father Knows Best, may have brought immense joy and laughter in the households of many, and ...
by The Opportunity Agenda
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I remember my father putting out his index finger and I would hold it with my entire hand as we walked together. He was tall and strong, not just to small me, but to everyone who knew him.
by James Wells
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The owner of the catcher’s mitt was born on October 16, 1882 and was named James Francis Wilson. He was called Frank. I never knew him personally because he died before I was born. What I know of ...
by michelewln
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I was playing with my two boys the other day and I had a few questions that popped into my mind. I wanted to ask my wife about what she thought about the questions. Unfortunately I never got around ...
by Borganic
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On this day in history an earth-shattering event occurred. Jack Lloyd Wilson was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. What do you mean it wasn’t an earth shattering event? He was my Dad and that makes it ...
by michelewln
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Back in November, I wrote a post about my father. This is a follow up. My Dad is dying. There is no sugarcoating it. No “nice” way to say something so horrible. You try to avoid the d-word, to ...
by bobcatgrad
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