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As reported by Dan Froomkin in the Intercept : Soon-to-be ex-Senator Mark Udall is being urged to follow Mike Gravel's Pentagon Papers example, by using the absolute free-speech right for members ...
by emorej a Hong Kong
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. There are 1000s of comedians out of work and he's trying to be funny. As he spoke in front of the trade group , Director of National Intelligence James Clapper assumed an unapologetic tone, ...
by markthshark
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[Cross-posted at The Left Coaster. ] There are indeed many vastly disquieting political elements to the ongoing political fiscal cliff train wreck that is the rancidly-not-fresh start of the second ...
by paradox
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I saw Zero Dark Thirty yesterday and it's revolting--for its blatant propaganda, glorification of torture, and false narrative that torture led to the demise of Osama bin Laden. This movie should ...
by Jesselyn Radack
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Digby linked yesterday to Dan Froomkin's article on Jeff Faux's incredibly important book about the new servant economy. The key bit is here:
by thereisnospoon
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Now that the White House administration has made it perfectly clear that they do not intend on lifting a finger to stop the ongoing Fraud to cover up more Fraud, William K. Black along with L. ...
by Badabing
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Froomkin : Even as the United States has been borrowing trillions to pursue its wars in the ...
by Benintn
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Scientists have been refused access to key data that NOAA has given to BP. Data access is necessary to plan research, investigate damage, and assess critical environmental effects. ...
by FishOutofWater
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You know I have been saying for many months now that WE are our worst enemies. We have progressives and Dems bitching and moaning that the president isn't doing enough, although no one knows what ...
by vinkeith
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By Alex Lawson, Communications Director of Social Security Works UPDATE: The livestream will actually be tomorrow Wednesday May 12th ...
by www dcfightsback org
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This will be a tale of two cities: Two Washingtons, two governments, two mass medias, and two political topics that bind them. Earlier in the month, the whistleblower organization WikiLeaks ...
by SuperBowlXX
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I am surprised that this column did not receive any (much?) notice here -- Dan Froomkin's column ...
by DraftChickenHawks
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My favorite viral sig line on Daily Kos of late is, "Show me on the doll where Rahm touched you." The frothing madness must stop.
by The Termite
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Dan Froomkin has a post today over at that bastion of Conservative thinking the Huffington Post. The best quote: This is supposed to be a participatory democracy, but we've all gotten ...
by Grassee
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I loved the President's speech last night, with, as TomP pointed out so well today, his resonance with past great Democratic speeches and his tone of getting down to the business of making America ...
by divineorder
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Glenn Greenwald is reporting over at Salon that Dan Froomkin has been hired by The Huffington Post. Froomkin was inexplicably fired by The Washington Post not too long ago.
by byteb
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No. I don't mean that there is anything surprising about tonight's revelation that it was the Vice President from the late ...
by Barth
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When the announcement came that the Washington Post and Dan Froomkin, writer of the White House Watch column would be parting ways, accusations began flying claiming that the Post ...
by sciencewriter
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Today is his last entry at White House Watch. A class act as always, in his last column, Dan honors those ...
by skywriter
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Washington Post columnist Dan Froomkin's last column appeared today in the newspaper he served so well and ...
by dweb8231
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