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"I hope you learned a valuable lesson today!" Hi Folks, Check out this video I produced for the Bureau of Consular Affairs for U.S. State Department. Just in time for the busy holiday travel ...
by MattyDC321
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Dear Xenophobes, This letter is for you; you who have a bumper sticker that reads, “Welcome to America, now either speak English or leave.”, or you who makes prejudice remarks to your ...
by RoyaHegdahl
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It takes only a day or two of being outside the country to realize what a fall America's standing in the world has. As a simple example, the world is taken aback that Americans have seemingly so ...
by Arun
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Late yesterday, the Advocate.com posted a news story about Secretary Clinton's upcoming plans to grant benefits to the ...
by Curiosity
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It had to happen eventually, and it looks like it's finally in "the works". New Zealand has never had an official organized country committee of Democrats Abroad. In the past, people have become ...
by nzisland
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Dear All, I must confess that my now three-month enduring addiction stage to Daily Kos has been counter-productive in respect of my overall productivity, and I seek to feed my addiction with the ...
by Intrigued Foreigner
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So I’ll admit I am a new user, having been waiting patiently for the week to be over so I can post a diary, thinking to myself “What do I have to offer Dailykos?” I’ve been ...
by Treghas
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The purpose of this diary it to help the tens of thousands of Americans living abroad collect relevant progressive information about the issues that will be appearing on ballots all across the ...
by Andre29BC
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Last week there was ...
by JCHallman
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I have been urging more Mandarin and study abroad programs in Oregon's public schools and universities since the summer of 2006. This is part of that effort. It was originally posted on ...
by Dave Porter
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I need someone to clearly explain why I should take Obama seriously. Here are my "issues."
by demabroad
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The groundwork is in place. Democrats Abroad has made a (sometimes tough) transition to Web 2.0 . Emails will ...
by redstaterabroad
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