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Yesterday I posted a piece on how to derail comment threads. Today I present an outline of how to debate and what methodology is used in doing so, as well as the drawbacks inherent in using those ...
by Horace Boothroyd III
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Originally posted at Voices on the Square , a new blog in the sphere featuring News, Information, and Fun! Hey there everybody! It's Tuesday night so it's that time again - time to leave all the ...
by poligirl
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"Don't argue with a fool. The spectators can't tell the difference." -- Charles J. Nalin I know this is a realization that many Kossacks have affirmed in the past, but I've always felt that someone ...
by Shinobi Mystic
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The presentation of a good argument has a number of important components. Having your facts correct (and sourced), the tone and timbre of the argument, and understanding the tools of debate; in ...
by JRandomPoster
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An effort to get Maryland DKos readers together for socializing and activism.
by tbrucegodfrey
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As a person who watched the Kennedy-Nixon debates, the drop in the level of public political argument in the intervening fifty years is breathtaking. Nixon was noted for his debating skills and his ...
by arendt
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Look, we can quibble all day about which president bankrupted which country, and which president got us into a six year quagmire, but let's talk about Alaska, ya know? Q to JB: You've argued for ...
by Jake McIntyre
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In the third and final presidential debate between Kerry and Bush, Kerry appeared to have owned the evening, and had scored several very important points on issues that were important to the average ...
by fetboy
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I had a chat with my conservative brother. The thing about my brother is, while he has a good head on his shoulders -- very smart, web developer, high IQ... His beliefs in the "conservative core ...
by sticksandstones
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In the past several days we have seen a lot of us debating with those we mostly agree with. Debate is healthy but when it melts down to hostility and name calling all valid points are lost. So I ...
by thing3
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Our legal system is commonly referred to as an "adversary system." The theory is that both sides should zealously represent their clients, that said clients are being represented by competent ...
by davefromqueens
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by Blanchy
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This is not a discussion on civility with those you disagree with; although that of course is important too. (And I'm not about to pedantically be a hypocrite.) But too often when I present my ideas ...
by a fan of Wes Clark
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