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Let's really think about this, shall we? Because honestly, this is what it boils down to for so many here who find it necessary to second guess and microscopically examine every nuanced morsel of ...
by Beetwasher
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I'm happy to see that Liberals are out there saying what Republicans had forbidden in the public domain, the very notions of keeping government robust, of asking those who have a greater share of ...
by Stephen Daugherty
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John King is one of my least favorite of the mostly credulous tools that inhabit CNN, but he's done a surprisingly good job here of reading a political ad. He calls it a "political fact check" of ...
by Th0rn
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Deconstructing the health insurance problem. What is the root cause of a disconnect between what is needed and what is provided? What does this tell us about solutions that have been suggested?
by Hank Heath
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Watching the debate over torture play out on faux news, as well as various other places, I notice something. The wingnuts wield a lot of short, snappy sound bites and talking points that make good ...
by PiRierran
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The right wing has trotted out a wonderful chess [tactic http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_herring_(logical_fallacy)#Red_herring] on the torture debate. Specifically, I am hearing more and more on ...
by PiRierran
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JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon gives us yet one more reason why Too Big to Fail is Too Big to Exist.
by high bitrate
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I don't know why the World Oil Congress is being held in Madrid but, given that it is, the Spanish press has access to the participants. Here's an interview published by El Pais on July 2, in which ...
by Migeru
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In light of the PA primary, there are some things that struck me about the campaign and the narrative of feminism in general. This is a deconstruction I whipped up last night. More below the ...
by Jeffersonian Democrat
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