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Following Major Kong's review of AirLand Battle , it seems apropos to note that in recent months, there has been an increased tempo of Russian aircraft operating in areas of concern to NATO, i.e.
by xaxnar
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For years, liberals and libertarians alike have been calling for budget cuts from our bloated defense budget and for an end to our imperialist misadventures overseas. Defense commands a whopping ...
by diligentbureaucrat
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Now that the mid-term elections have passed it is time to get to work fixing everything that is wrong with America. Here are some items I am sure Congress on both sides of the aisle can agree upon.
by Jabo1941
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Dick Cheney is the herpes of American politics: he never goes away and periodically resurfaces only to subject the nation to painful and embarrassing flare-ups. So it is with his latest irritating ...
by Jon Perr
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Now that the United States is forming another military coalition to combat evil in the Middle ...
by Mark Fiore
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"a lifetime thinking . . . ." is an ongoing graphic memoir, political and personal, created by Jeff Van Syckle.
by jvansyckle
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I'm shocked that this article in Business Insider wasn't printed in a satirical paper like the Onion , or the Telegraph , but unfortunately, this kind of fact-free reporting seems par for the course ...
by OllieGarkey
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With the tragic killing of James Foley , it’s more apparent that the Middle East (and beyond) is getting more complex and convoluted. “You’re ...
by Mark Fiore
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The following is a Campaign Statement from Kerry Meuchel, Vice Chair, Committee to Elect Tim Sheridan to Congress Recently the Committee to Elect Tim Sheridan to Congress issued a press release ...
by Sheridan for Congress CA 42
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At the end of George Washington’s second term as President, in his 1796 farewell address to a grateful nation, Washington urged America to avoid foreign entanglements. This is what he said: ��
by Alan Grayson
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The 97 F 35 aircraft in the US fleet have all been grounded for inspection of the engines after an engine fire an F-35 on takeoff. Lockheed makes the fighter aircraft. The engines are made by Pratt ...
by old mark
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Yesterday, during the “defense” appropriations amendment voting, progressive champion Barbara Lee (CA-13) offered three anti-war amendments. First, she offered an amendment to prohibit the use ...
by Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees
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This week, the House is completing its 2015 "defense" appropriations. I would like to highlight two amendments that received votes today. First, Republican Jackie Walorski (IN-02) offered an ...
by Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees
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Bill Briggs of NBC News reports, Four-Star ...
by HoundDog
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One of the more amazing stories in aviation is the continued role for the B-52, Boeing's huge 8-engined behemoth from the Cold War. The newest B-52 of the 744 built is over 50 years old . ...
by xaxnar
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The Truth, Is The Truth , Even If You Are A Minority Of One. Gandhi I'm not a Lawyer; but I've been around for 64 years, experienced a lot. IMO ; anyone could see, that Cecily is innocent . Let'...
by rebel ga
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The aircraft carriers depicted here in a GlobalSecurity.org graphic are drawn to scale. GlobalSecurity.org says there are currently 31 aircraft carriers in the world's navies and the ...
by Meteor Blades
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Today's front page of the Marine Corps Times Last week during testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Sergeant Major of the Marine Corp Michael Barrett responded to Senators who were ...
by angelajean
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This diary contains unmarked spoilers for recent Marvel movies and real life events including but not limited to Iron Man 1, 2 & 3 , the Afghan and Iraq War Logs , Captain America 1 & 2 , the NSA ...
by Certifiable Genius
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You may have heard in some circles that cuts in the military budget are going to gut America's ability to defend itself. But, in fact, after a brief drawdown, defense spending, adjusted for inflation,
by Meteor Blades
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