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Is it possible to sink even lower? Remember this? Bush, December 28, 2007: I am withholding my ...
by David Waldman
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This year, the United States government is scheduled to spend more than $622 billion dollars on the military budget, which includes an additional $171 billion dollars for the occupation of Iraq. In ...
by Chris Lugo for US Senate
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(From a Green Mtn Daily crosspost... sorry, I don't have all the links to these articles available yet) (UPDATED - with link fixes, and a couple ...
by odum
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Enough to lie to them and slap them in the face. Twice just this week. We take you back to July 20th... Bush, July 20,
by David Waldman
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(Bumped by Susan) That veto George W. Bush threatened of the Defense authorization bill? The one with the troops' pay raise in it? He hasn't even got the stones ...
by David Waldman
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Remember the Read the Bills Act? That's the first time I ever paid much attention to a Daily Kos diary . I've always been activist, ...
by o the umanity
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Imagine sitting down across a poker table from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and telling him, "If I bluff, you don't get to see my cards, you just have to accept my word that I've got the ...
by eztempo
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The Democratic House has included to provisions in its version of the defense authorization bill for 2008 that would give troops a 3.5 percent pay raise as well as increasing the level of benefits ...
by Joan McCarter
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A little research turned up some interesting precedents set by previous Congresses. In the past Congress has chosen among several different policy levers to guide U.S. national security policy as ...
by WeDemocrats
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