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President Obama has forced the GOP to come out against folks like these. Had fantasy of Obama yelling at GOP like Rorschach: "I'm not locked ...
by Armando
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Fired up Democrats elected Amanda Murphy to the Florida House last night in special election in formerly Republican-held seat. If Democratic base groups turn out, we win. If they don't, we lose. ...
by kos
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Going down, down, down. Not just ...
by kos
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Boehner lets 'em keep shutdown in exchange for 6wk DL ext MT @BenjySarlin Labrador says he backs DL increase to ...
by kos
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As I watch our country hurtle towards insane self-destruction due to the actions a few anarchists, ehem, I mean Republicans, it has occurred to me we might just want to give them what they are ...
by Peter Olandt
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He wants the minority. We can only oblige. GOP Rep. Phil Gingrey : Gingrey said Republicans were “absolutely” prepared to lose the House to extract ...
by kos
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McConnell last week tried to sell the spending level concession by WH as a conservative win. Didn't get traction with tea party crowd.
by kos
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Down, down, down. Conservatives spent the morning ...
by kos
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Rep. Dan Maffei (R) taking oath of office with the guy he loves to "compromise" with. Rep. Dan Maffei ...
by kos
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So far, hangin' tough.
by kos
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by kos
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Wouldn't *you* be an alcoholic too if you had his job? ...
by kos
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1. You should fight a health insurance law, of which the conservative Heritage Foundation was a major architect. 2. You should keep fighting the law throughout the President's reelection through ...
by kmwray
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I've listened to you and a number of other people all week, talking about the reasons you have for voting for and against various options. Talking, and talking, and talking, and getting shriller and ...
by serendipityisabitch
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Well, well. Methinks the republicans in the house are feeling a little uncomfortable I got another email from my asshat representative, Jim Gerlach. Here's the email: Dear xxxxxx ...
by domestic goddess
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Rand Paul was perceptive enough to realize that the obstacles to defunding the Affordable Care Act are insurmountable, and more importantly he had the temerity to say so Rand Paul: Obamacare ...
by Lefty Coaster
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The summary lists below are intended as a reference list and reminder that Obama and Kerry are not simply blindered war-mongers, and Anti-Militarists are not simply blindered pacifism-mongers. ...
by emorej a Hong Kong
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Jim DeMint. Liar. Would former Sen. Jim DeMint's Heritage Action be so dishonest,
by Joan McCarter
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Playing to the base. This will surely convince reluctant Republicans to commit political suicide with a government shutdown.
by Joan McCarter
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Jim DeMint trying to shove his former colleagues over the cliff. Former Sen. ...
by Joan McCarter
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