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Center block of triciawyse's quilt. It is hard to see in the picture but the cat is wearing jewels. Our friend, high uintas, is losing her last living relative, her dear sister, to dementia. The ...
by Sara R
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triciawyse's quilt, showing the backing Our friend, high uintas, is losing her last living relative, her dear sister, to dementia. The heart ache and anguish this causes her is unbearably painful.
by Sara R
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I used to write around 2014 or so a diary on what was then called, "the Daily Kos." It's banned now, too subversive. I was able to leave my body frozen until a cure was found. I'm lucky because ...
by Vet63
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Co-authored by mettle fatigue. At the end of the diary is an introduction to the use of free MEDSCAPE links. "Music has been largely ignored by the medical community as an optional or elective ...
by Darwinian Detritus
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Do you think Big Oil execs treat their homes like they treat the rest of the world? Probably not.
by thefarleftside
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2thanks' quilt, showing backing Our friend, high uintas, is losing her last living relative, her dear sister, to dementia. The heart ache and anguish this causes her is excruciating. From ...
by Sara R
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Shelley Emling of The Huffington Post reports a rather dramatic finding that Antidepressant May Slow Alzheimer's Disease, Study Finds. Citalopram dramatically slowed the growth of amyloid beta and ...
by HoundDog
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So you decided to start distrusting scientists... Interesting... A few years ago we might have administered a panel of tests to ascertain your diminished mental capacity. Now we simply ask your ...
by Sweller3
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I always knew that my sister would go before me barring some accident or terrible illness, she is ten years older after all. I just never thought she would leave this way. I never thought she would ...
by high uintas
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Don't Let This Happen To You! - Vote For Democrats: Catscan of brain with Alzheimer's Shelley Emling, describes ...
by HoundDog
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No, she wasn't poisoning pigeons. An 81-year-old woman diagnosed with both Alzheimer's and dementia is being held in jail because she was allegedly feeding crows. Mary Musselman was arrested on ...
by jpmassar
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GOPCrayzeeFiles: Yes the Republican party in Illinois said Susanne Atanus is too out there, too much of the crazies, especially her religious beliefs that God punishes parents by giving them ...
by The Sheeping of America
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Republican candidate Susanne Atanus from the 9th district of bigotry in Chicago knows what angers God and it is oh no...oh no... noooo teh gays, really Susanne that is so GOP last year, keep up with ...
by The Sheeping of America
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I am sitting in my Doctors office reading my Parkinson"s report. I see a place for Dementia.A check mark is on the high end of mild,very close to moderate. My mind flashes to a room full of old ...
by Vet63
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Her 67th anniversary, Nov 2013 One year ago today, we moved my mother from the assisted living apartment she shared with my father to a locked special care unit for dementia patients, in a ...
by Laurel in CA
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I'm pretty lucky having a primary physician whom I consider a friend. I guess I'm also lucky in that well into medicare age, I'm relatively healthy. Especially since all of my direct male ...
by arodb
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We've been lucky around here in some respects... This year we have presents and a tree. Last year was pretty grim. We had been forced to move and had very little money, few presents and on Christmas ...
by bootsykronos
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It is obvious that the Sentator from Texas is a self-serving, fanatical egomaniac, but there seems to be something else lurking in his personality -- an attribute which could be a weakness.
by T C Gibian
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You knew that, I'm sure. But did you know they're doing it with tax liens too? Have dementia? We'll take your house and leave you on the street. Dying of cancer? We don't care; we're the people who ...
by jpmassar
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Largely unnoticed in the flair of Florida's outrageous George Zimmerman trial was a similar incident in Milwaukee, where a jury found white shooter John Henry Spooner guilty of fatallly shooting a 13-
by rlegro
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