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There’s a simple way for Canadians to take the spotlight off the Keystone XL pipeline. Find a way to make the fight even more offensive. In fact, they’ve learned the easiest way for a Canadian ...
by praenomen
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Well, here we are; it is now past 60 days of the "Haas v Romney" litigation. There are many updates coming shortly. Meanwhile yours truly is about to present Willard Mitt Romney with a special ...
by laserhaas
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Many of the Obama supporters on this site have been making the case that there is nothing new about the discovery of the NSA’s collection of massive amounts of personal information. And they say ...
by praenomen
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This is a first diary, so be forgiving, as are some users on DU are not. I just had the rather troubling experience on DU and being called a troll, in a rather obscenely worded message. In my ...
by liberalagogo
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Well, well,....Democratic Underground have been lifting some rocks and finding some very nasty things lurking under them... You may have seen their initial report, but if not [here it ishttp://www....
by AnnetteK
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Our "liberal media" is at it again. As democratic underground points out, how much you wanna bet CNN didn't label "Democrats" Joe Lieberman or Zell Miller "turncoats" when they spoke at Republican ...
by Rolandz
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EarlG, co-founder of the liberal website, Democratic Underground , has recently been showing off his photoshopping prowess -- something I have thoroughly enjoyed. So, in the interest of humor, I ...
by AmBushed
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Hello all. mdmc from democratic underground. I was dismissed for suggesting that it was all right to vote Green in a solid blue state. I won't make that mistake here.
by mdmc
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Steve Leser is interviewed by Charles Howard and discusses Mitt Romney's win in the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary as well as the status of the race for the GOP nomination and Romney'...
by StevenLeser
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This isn't a diary because I don't have enough information to fill in the details. Sasha031 is reporting on Democratic Underground that Bernie Sanders is considering running for President.
by praenomen
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Fahrenheit 298 (The temperature at which DU mods burn.) By David Glenn Cox My name is Winston Smith, or Winston Churchill, or Winston cigarettes, but you can call me Sam, or Lenny, or ...
by Daveparts
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The Space Between By David Glenn Cox And that’s the story of how I was banned at Democratic Underground! The day when someone decides which ideas are loyal and which ideas are ...
by Daveparts
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I have declared war upon Free ...
by thekimchikiller
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As the early primary season continues to heat up I thought this Arkansan would share his views on what exactly is going on in this race. Blanche Lincoln has turned this race into an all about me ...
by ekimsitruc
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I've been following Van Jones since his Power Shift speech earlier this year and have been excited by the real change (environmental paradigm shift) he's working on. Then Glenn BecKKK came along and ...
by The Truth Will Out
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Filled with the most crazy of whackjobs that defend dictators and thugs because they are socialist or communist. They don't accept any kind of differing opinion and ban anyone who doesn't worship ...
by electronicmaji
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Note: I originaly posted this at DU, since they seem to need this more that you guys. So if you think your suffering from vertigo, just remember this warning. I have been following the "civil" ...
by The Blue State Bandit
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I know this isn't the only impeachment diary in the last 24 hours, but I came upon this a couple of hours ago, and it comes from Conyers, where all impeachment proceedings must emanate from. ...
by markthshark
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...this "controversy" makes me mad and I am going to tell the world why. Some well known members over at Free Republic actually did hasten the death of someone dear to me and who was dear to many ...
by mntleo2
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I have many problems with and complaints about the blogosphere, but one thing it usually does well is highlight important-but-ignored news items. It was the blogs that pushed Trent Lott’s ...
by Transplanted Texan
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