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This is going to be sort off topic but sort of on topic (how is that possible)? I need to address this growing trend in the US (and world) of as soon as someone is considered, "wronged" or a "hero"
by ArtemisBSG
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Yesterday was nuts for me due to the revelation that the HHS Dept.--either intentionally or accidentally--overstated both the August and October QHP (qualified health plan) enrollment figures by ...
by Brainwrap
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offered at Politico. I know, I have put up some photos in my diaries over the years. This photo essay perhaps can bring you closer to the reality of what far too many in this country still face, ...
by teacherken
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Welcome to health care for the rural poor in Virginia , the state just to the south of the capital of the Greatest Nation on God's Green Earth. It looks like this: “I just had an 18-year-old ...
by james321
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In some ways, I'm a lucky woman, in that I have friends and family to turn to when I have a problem.In other ways, I'm both unlucky(I'm a wheelchair user, after all) and I've recently become part ...
by chicating
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One of the most overlooked items in healthcare is dental care. Many pundits discuss healthcare but fail to realize that dental care should also be included in discussions of healthcare. Out of ...
by Prezshap
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Children of migrant (read: possibly undocumented) farmworkers will be eligible to receive free dental care regardless of immigration status at the AT&T Pro-Am golf tournament at Pebble Beach. The ...
by 1BQ
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As I follow the debates about Obamacare: about rising health care costs, about insurance, about coverage and denials and debt, I've often found myself drawn into the side questions and stories about ...
by Square Knot
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Last year, I joined scores of millions of other people in the United States who are medical nomads, living without insurance for our medical, dental, and vision needs. We move from place to place to ...
by MsSpentyouth
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or other dental emergency. I have fairly decent teeth and I take decent care of them. I did make a serious mistake when I was younger by allowing a dentist to drill and put fillings in my teeth. ...
by Noddy
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Isn't funny how Dental Care is treated like a "gold plan" with a credit card company. Only the worthy (or wealthy) need apply. Vermont Town Meeting on Dental Crisis sanders.senate.gov -- March 10,
by jamess
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No, I'm not talking about that abscess on the ass of humanity, Rick Santorum . I'm talking about the abscess I have in one of my teeth. More below the fold...
by SueM1121
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Woohoo! The much touted Conservative vision of charity care at work, folks. If you're a lucky winner, you too can be spared a life of searing dental pain. The old canard about how charities can ...
by Muskegon Critic
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Itzl is a Chihuahua, and they famously have bad teeth. Even with the best care, they have bad teeth. Until the car accident, where the airbag smashed poor Itzl (ruptured ear drum, concussion, lost ...
by Noddy
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Four years ago, twelve-year-old Deamonte Driver died from an abscessed tooth. The family was on Medicaid, but his mother couldn’t find a dentist who would accept Medicaid, and then there was a ...
by JamieG from Md
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When I first heard about Dennis Kucinich and the olive pit, like most people, I laughed and thought he was acting like an entitled asshole. Then I started to read more about what happened to him ...
by nyceve
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This article reminded me of something I have felt strongly about for years. Dental insurance for all. How much would this cost? About $0.26 an hour or about $42 a month for all workers from the ...
by ranger25
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Today is a Friday. Normally I would have just completed a day with my students. Instead I have done something at least as important as teach. I have just returned from a day of volunteering in ...
by teacherken
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I blog about my daughter with autism, about her life, about her art, about funny stuff she does, about good times and bad. I thought I might start sharing some of my entries here, as an effort to ...
by coquiero
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If there is one thing millions of Americans without health insurance don't need right now, they don't need to be turned into criminals facing fines for not being able to afford or for choosing to ...
by akmk
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