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The U.S. pays 17% of its Gross Domestic Product on healthcare. Germany and France pay about 10%. In the U.S. about half ...
by innereye
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I was nibbling on a little something while working over lunch today when I felt something rough under my tongue. Far in the back, on the top right, I’ve broken another tooth. This ...
by Stranded Wind
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at least, after my experience of today, which I am still processing, that is what I hope I can offer you. I am in Wise County Virginia. I am staying about 2-3 miles from the Wise County ...
by teacherken
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For tens of millions of Americans, what's going on in Washington on healthcare is really just more of the same. The people I hear from, don't care how the money is found, they need healthcare.
by nyceve
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My daughter has a foster daughter. This child feels like family. She is permanently placed with them and calls my daughter and her husband Mom and Dad. She feels like a family member except when it ...
by Coastrange
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For every American without health insurance there are three without dental insurance. In 2000 the ...
by nyceve
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President Obama has stated as one of his most lofty goals is delivering a health care system that provides care for all. This system should be efficient, cost conscious, increase quality care, all ...
by Aprognosticator
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This isn't going to be like any of NYCeve's diaries on this issue, and it will be very brief. However, today, I went to the dentist. The dentist told me that I could no longer put off the inevitable ...
by oceanstar17
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I am not going to offer many words of my own. The sole purpose of this diary is to call your attention to a story about an event that should shock and motivate us all. The cover story in today'...
by teacherken
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This is the oral cavity of an angry American. This American can't afford routine dental care much less those shining white veneers sported by the blowviator class. So they listen to John ...
by nyceve
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Pain that can't be explained. Too ugly. Too dark. There is nothing I can do. No relief. I've robbed my children of the ability to feel safe in this world, having to hear their only parent scream ...
by mama hearts obama
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Jeffrey Feldman has a recommended diary prompted by the 60 Minutes report on healthcare - how a charity founded to help poor third world citizens is now serving AMERICANS. http://www.dailykos.com/...
by xrepub
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I was reading nyceve's diary about the sorry-ass state of dental care in America when I realized that we had a perfect case study of ...
by slippytoad
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Just cause we happen to live in the richest country on the planet. Don't expect you're entitled to dental care. Just cause you've got a pesky tooth that's been getting a bit sensitive to hot and ...
by nyceve
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Today's /New York Times/ carries an article that is rather topical for me at the moment: Patients Turn to No-Interest Loans for ...
by eugene
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We haven't discussed 'medical tourism' for some time. This diary isn't about the crude methods by which millions of desperate Americans are forced to access health care. It's about bad teeth--...
by nyceve
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As all Kossacks are aware, healthcare in the United States is a mess. Insurance premiums are skyrocketing and out-of-pocket costs are mounting at an alarming rate. The legalese and confusing ...
by tkr70
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Every day we deal with important health research, like today's revelation that people taking antioxidants may have a 5 percent higher risk of death. That's an abstraction, however. A health care ...
by Ira R Allen
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I have been beside myself the last 2 days. I have found out, accidentally, that a friend of mine, who works 40+ hours per week in a union job, and whose husband works 60 hours per week, does not ...
by adigal
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by manic lawyer
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