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Just last week James O'Keefe was revealed to have plotted an elaborated scheme to incite violence against police officers and blame it on peaceful protesters. His associate in the affair withdrew on ...
by News Corpse
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Cross-posted at MN Progressive Project . The Minnesota secretary of state race seems to be a tie between a Democrat who has written much of our election law and has been a champion of expanding ...
by ericf
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1962 - Swiss create the first drive through bank. 1972 - Swiss create first drive through secret swiss bank account to avoid taxes. COINCIDENCE? I think NOT! Senator McCain: We must do ...
by agnostic
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Darling pimp impersonator and right wing dumbass extraordinaire James O'Keefe has had his latest sad little ...
by Steven Payne
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Ever heard of the Media Research Center? They are one of several right-wing groups with the focus of "exposing and stopping liberal media bias", i.e. - pressuring mainstream media to move even ...
by AndrewR9
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For two decades, Republicans have opposed health care reform not because they thought it would fail the American people, but because they feared it would succeed . Passage of Bill Clinton'...
by Jon Perr
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In their latest effort to abort the Affordable Care Act, Republicans on Capitol Hill and in the states are targeting the " ...
by Jon Perr
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Did you know that House Republicans really, really, really don't want any money going to the defunct organization known as ACORN ? Although last week's attempt to pass ...
by Ian Reifowitz
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I preface these remarks with the disclaimer that I'm no longer a Democrat. I cannot co-exist with the Blue Dogs, who refused to pass Obama's programs and made Obama take the heat without a fair ...
by swrussel
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So, Grand Old Party, how's that laser-like focus on jobs coming along?
by thefarleftside
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It seems that the master of the cleverly edited—if highly deceptive—video reel is now being required to pay the sum of $100,000 to Juan Carlos Vera, a one time California employee of ACORN. Mr. ...
by blue aardvark
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Is this another one of these bills House Republicans want to pass just because the new guys need more tin-foil gibberish to bring the folks back home? House Republicans are ...
by Hunter
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Why was Acorn targeted by the right? Because they register voters. Before all the facts are checked, before any investigations, Eric Holder is being attacked by both Democrats and Republicans. ...
by spaceshot
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Next time you hear a right-winger accuse the mainstream media of "liberal bias", please feel free to forward, cut and paste (keep in mind the links are abbreviated & will need to be re-typed), or ...
by AndrewR9
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This week Shelby County Alabama says that racism no longer exists, so what say we all just leave traditionally racist states like Alabama to deal with its Nigras the way it sees fit…and other ...
by cynicman
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What goes around comes around. James O’Keefe is the well known Right Wing slime ball that attempts to find Liberals and Progressives in compromising positions. He is such a poor “investigative ...
by Egberto Willies
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No, really: Conservatives consider this serious journalism. I s--t you not. It's not exactly a satisfying coda to the last half-decade of conservative frothing about ACORN, the group apparently ...
by Hunter
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From Media Matters : According to court documents obtained by Wonkette, conservative activist James O'Keefe has agreed to a $100,000 settlement in a lawsuit filed against him by Juan Carlos Vera, a ...
by ericlewis0
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Hate Groups . They live in an echo-chamber bubble where only self-reinforcing editorials -- even more hate-inducing rhetoric -- is ever entertained. And their numbers are on the rise -- disturbingly.
by jamess
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Poor Paul Krugman, he is a nerd supreme, but his debate tactics need some serious work. He was unprepared for Scarborough's ...
by Elon James White
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