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From Reuters : * U.S. files lawsuit against Deutsche Bank AG and other defendants over alleged scheme to avoid federal income taxes * U.S. attorney Preet Bharara in Manhattan says lawsuit seeks ...
by ericlewis0
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Cross-posted with EcoWatch & co-authored by Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr. " Zero emissions is an ambitious but achievable goal. " --UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Zero has become the most ...
by Renewable Rider
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There may be some heartless individuals who would call this a good start. Me? I'm heartbroken. Or can't you tell? Bloomberg is reporting this morning that former Federal Reserve economist Mike ...
by Old Redneck
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I have written a retraction of this diary. The retraction can be viewed here . The Forbes article upon which I based this diary, and which caused me to write this post, was a fabrication. The ...
by OllieGarkey
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Deutsche Bank and the FDIC have been locked in legal battle for years. Deutsche Bank is suing the FDIC for an estimated $10 billion. Cases are pending in the DC District Court and the 9th Circuit.
by Mark Lippman
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It was a quiet day in Alameda, but an explosive day elsewhere. In Los Angeles, foreclosure fraud protesters were apparently arrested after refusing to disperse. mary mad @marymad cops encircle ...
by jpmassar
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The German magazine Der Spiegel had a short article today saying that German corporations are predominantly donating to the Romney campaign; four years ago, the main recipient was the Obama campaign.
by halef
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Expecting an invisible hand to control the market is believing in fantasy. It is depending on the ethereal digits of Casper the Friendly Ghost to stop bid-rigging, price-fixing, self-dealing ...
by Leo W Gerard
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Deutsche Bank outraged many when it took $11 billion in bailout funds from US taxpayers and bought money-losing ...
by DowneastDem
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In my last blog entry posted a video about how Occupy ...
by Sagittarius Dolly
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Two days ago I shot a video of an Occupy Baltimore rally protesting the planned eviction of a Baltimore resident named Lila Kara by Deutsche ...
by Sagittarius Dolly
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A couple of days ago, the story of a hundred and three ...
by jpmassar
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It matters not whether one views this story as a small victory for the 99 percent or as a reflection of unbridled corporate evil deferred by compassion. Either way, it is powerful. As Zaid Jilani ...
by David Harris Gershon
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Deutsche Bank (the puns write themselves) may have attempted to set a world record yesterday as ...
by jpmassar
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Despite the huge drop-off in lending to small businesses and ...
by The Anomaly
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by Laurence Lewis
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This reads like a who's who of a Wall Street high-stakes Poker Tournament:
by jamess
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Membership has its Privileges ... Right? Well usually -- But not always ... just ask Martha. Martha Stewart's ...
by jamess
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Today Matt Taibbi has written another exposé of our financial system ; this time the SEC ...
by ciganka
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by The Anomaly
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