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I was kind of hoping that the Obama Administration would take advantage of the moment and start doing its job on another front in the War on Terror. Now that Osama has been dispatched it is ...
by route66
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Hmmm...let's see where this leads us.
by Tasini
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Leading mortgage servicers such as HSBC, Wells Fargo, and Deutsche Bank have been using forged documents to foreclose on homeowners, ...
by The Anomaly
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The quick summary is that the German equivalent of our Supreme Court has ruled against Deutsche Bank in a crucial case related to the ongoing financial collapse. DB is the largest German bank, and ...
by NBBooks
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The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) was enacted in 2003 to protect US military personnel and their families from creditors while they are on active duty serving their country. But the law ...
by DowneastDem
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In Sunday's NY Times, Frank Rich talks of the destruction of the "American Dream" in the now-institutionalized inability of current-day capitalism to give the middle class a fair shake in, "[http://...
by bobswern
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Last year, world oil consumption dropped by the biggest amount since 1982 . World oil consumption ...
by The Anomaly
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The Nine Who Rule: The United States of America, and ultimately, The World Thomas J. Benison of JPMorgan Chase & Company James J. Hill of Morgan Stanley Athanassios Diplas of ...
by Karen Hedwig Backman
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It's looking like the SEC/Goldman Sachs lawsuit could open up a whole new can of worms, one that Tim Geithner and some bank executives aren't likely to be very happy about. The story's about AIG ...
by RJ Eskow
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Not shocking: the Bush White House and Tim Geithner and The Fed had no idea what was happening when they paid off bad paper at AIG. NYFRB paid off casino bets -- fraudulently titled/listed/sold as "...
by vets74
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Earlier this evening, the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee passed its version of H.R.4173: Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009. (It's over 1,300 pages, not ...
by bobswern
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It seemed like a fool-proof business plan: establish a fund to buy up the life insurance policies of elderly Americans and wait for them to die. At their death, distribute the insurance pay-off to ...
by DowneastDem
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Senator Carl Levin is the chairman of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations and has jurisdiction to conduct investigations into a broad range of issues, including federal waste, fraud, and ...
by Badabing
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I apologize for the short diary. A few years back, around 2000 during the "dot bomb," her stock deals went badly and taxes on many of these stocks and other expenses over the years have driven her ...
by Salvor Hardin
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The Wall Street Journal reports that major U.S. and European banks received billions in payouts from AIG after AIG was rescued by the Federal Reserve with $85 (now $173) billion in federal ...
by pragprogress
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By Nov. 5, AIG had paid out $37 billion of their bailout funds to CDS ...
by The Anomaly
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Banks aren’t issuing loans to the taxpayers who bailed them out.
by yaeliron
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One tenth of the $700 billion bailout to be footed by U.S. taxpayers is projected to go to ...
by Magnifico
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Peak oil is the situation in which demand outstrips our ability to produce. We may already have hit that point or it may happen soon. What will happen as production declines while demand continues ...
by The Big E
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This week in peak oil: Tom Whipple's peak oil weekly review. Another market analyst understands China's impact on peak oil Peak oil remains a distant idea in ...
by The Big E
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