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In Julian Barnes' novel Sense of an Ending , there are two key women in the life of Tony Webster, the narrator, who at that critical late-life reflective stage offer him two possible epitaphs. ...
by Capriccio
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How about another 1000 unsolicited words on the video of the woman walking around New York City streets for 10 hours collecting catcalls for social research and community uplift? Do I really have ...
by Capriccio
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Hi. This is going to be short and sweet. I'm sure at some near future point, I will have more to say here (most likely on other topics than this one), but I'm getting my feet wet and grinding an ...
by dianegsocialist
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Is Israel on the path to becoming an apartheid state, or is it already one? The discussions on this topic have been contentious since President Carter published his book Palestine: Peace not ...
by ask
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In what could have been a real sleeper, we were amazed at the unintended unveiling of yet another Mitt Romney. This was not the usual consistently inconsistent Mitt Romney, for we've seen all ...
by lbines
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U.S. foreign policy going forward, is about as transparent as mud in the eye of the international community. With the most influential nation on earth proposing earthshaking change to its method of ...
by lbines
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I have been thinking a lot about this lately. Perhaps it is because I am a teacher and a union activist, two categories that make me a target for some on the other side politically, who having ...
by teacherken
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I've been having a thought that goes something like this: I feel like the "religious right" has the right questions but the wrong answers, and that the "secular left" has the right answers but the ...
by greywolfe359
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Most people don't discuss abortion. They have a position they want other people to support and they then "frame" the issue in the way they think will win the most support to their position. In ...
by greywolfe359
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Over the past several weeks [http://www.richardsilverstein.com/tikun_olam/2009/09/08/pro-israel-groups-create-anti-iran-front-group/ Richard Silverstein]at Tikun Olam and [http://mondoweiss....
by Jolly Holiday with you Bert
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It's time to chill out for both sides. Really. Do not fall into the trap and engage in a screaming match with the GOP shrills! The latest developments (and comments I've seen) are very worrying.
by tyfon
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Hilzoy [takes the high road http://obsidianwings.blogs.com/obsidian_wings/2009/07/last-post.html]: I’ve always thought that a good citizenry is also composed of people who assume, ...
by Alien Abductee
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Last Sunday sucked. It started with a 4 hour drive to my in-laws. At 82 and 85 years old they are in marriage counseling. Their counselor wanted to have a "family meeting" to discuss some issues ...
by Reetz
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I had this revelation yesterday after speaking with a center-right friend of mine who has shed the 'conservative' label in recent weeks as it has become too tarnished by wingnuttia. We were sitting ...
by PiRierran
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Hypocrisy is the homage that vice pays to virtue, as it is said. Mostly I think it's just the excuse that the lazy blogger gives to avoid confronting the actual issue in a straightforward manner, ...
by EverLastingGaze
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Many of you might have read Juan Cole's account of Rick Warren's appearance this weekend at the annual ...
by John Campanelli
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I have all the confidence in the world that Barack Obama will be elected President on November 4th. This confidence does not stop me from making phone calls or canvassing for my local--Omaha NE, or ...
by ArchibaldWatt
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This ought to really raise the ire of condemnation within the Fundamentalist Christian Community, especially as practiced in the U.S..
by jimstaro
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I attended a presentation recently where the person speaking was talking about when it is and is not appropriate to challenge your host's views, perhaps at a dinner party or other social event. He ...
by ChrisHardie
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Also posted at the Independent Bloggers' Alliance I was thinking recently of ...
by Renee in Ohio
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