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It is another 'this is not much of a Diary' post, I just wanted to give anyone at the Daily Kos Community who may be insterested in continuing to be aware of these injustices or maybe get more ...
by Tranny
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Now, we who THINK, have to go around spreading the Truth to counteract their lies. I wish the good people of America would not be so easily fooled into becoming Teapublican stooges and vote against ...
by thinkingblue
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For many Latino voters, whether or not their cousins, parents or grandparents are being deported is often the only question they care about come election time. Compared with concerns about the ...
by RedVyking
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Should a President criminalize research which might return vision to the blind? The four leading Republican candidates apparently think so. Read on.
by diverdonreed
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by Nulwee
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My campaign to challenge Barack Obama in the Democratic primary season is moving swiftly now. This week, the focus is on raising the last $300+
by tmiwithaldous
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In 1972, San Francisco found itself the home of many flower children, hippies, spiritual seekers and other people who believed that the grim world of that day could and should be made better, and ...
by tmiwithaldous
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This email with the indented text below is being sent around. It originated from Members of The Progressive GrassRoots Base for review and evaluation.
by Tranny
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In an attempt to stave off GOP criticism of his "Buffett Rule", an "Alternative Minimum Tax" that would ensure that the wealthy would pay the same proportion in taxes as their secretaries, President ...
by tmiwithaldous
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The right wing controls the messaging in Waunakee, WI. Let's give them a message loud and clear that we support President Obama's Jobs Act that he submitted to Congress. Make our voice heard in a ...
by Dave the Wave
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Greetings to all of you striving to keep the Keystone XL Pipeline from becoming a disastrous reality. My name is Aldous C. Tyler, and I am gearing up my campaign to challenge President Barack Obama ...
by tmiwithaldous
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President Obama is going to allow several thousand Americans to die over the next year to appease the Insane Clown Congress and their Corporate masters. By postponing the ground-level ozone ...
by tmiwithaldous
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I know that if we transmit the fire and enthusiasm of Wisconsin's activists to the rest of the country, we will destroy the GOP's hold on power in this great nation. Without that excitement, I see ...
by tmiwithaldous
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Mitch McConnell has already promised more hostage-taking. Now, there is not a damn thing we can do about the response the Dems or President would have to such an act. But maybe we can make a ...
by slippytoad
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At some point in the next several weeks, former RNC chairman and current Mississippi Governor Haley ...
by Jon Perr
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I have a mix of friends on a social networking site. There are a quite a variety of styles, beliefs, attitudes, and talents. Straight, Gay, Christian, atheist, Moslem, undecided, conservatives of ...
by MoGemStone
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Break out the cheese steaks, the pretzels and the roast pork sandwiches -- it's party time at Philadelphia-based CIGNA Insurance. Champagne bottles are popping all over Center City Philadelphia ...
by james321
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Right now we are justifiably hearing a lot about the single-payer effort in Vermont , but the truth is that the government-sponsored health ...
by james321
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Yes, drop dead. We could care less about you getting the coverage you need when you need it -- our only responsibility is generating as much wealth for our shareholders as possible. We ain't in the ...
by james321
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You may have been exposed to the "Why We Fight" films as part of a high school or college history class. Basically, they were a series of ...
by james321
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