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Science Deniers come in all stripes. Some are right-wing, some are left-wing. Some are anti-government, some are anti-corporate. But if you look closely at all of the anti-science fringe, everyone ...
by Lenny Flank
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(NOTE: Diarist has received written authorization from Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers to republish their work in its entirety for the benefit of the Daily Kos community.) [http://truth-out.org/...
by bobswern
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[http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2013/11/your-humble-blogger-and-dean-baker-speak-with-bill-moyers-about-the-trans-pacific-partnership-and-budget-brinkmanship.html Your Humble Blogger and Dean Baker ...
by bobswern
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LATEST MONSANTO CORN VARIETAL HAS FARMERS IN FEAR FOR THEIR LIVES DISASSOCIATIVE PRESS (DP) 9/11/13 Peoria, IL Corn farmers in the lush fields surrounding Peoria are facing a terrifying new problem ...
by antifa
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Lately, as multiple stories in the MSM and the blogosphere--including at least a couple of pieces in Monday's NY Times remind us--thousands of folks, not just around the globe but right here at home,
by bobswern
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The bully pulpit has become a contentious issue among progressives with some progressives contending that President Obama has failed to use the bully pulpit : Americans are deeply confused about ...
by joe shikspack
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by Brian Ross
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