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Apparently, the European Union is discussing a legislative act that will ban all pornography in "media." The wording of this "media" is, as appropriate, not defined under the act itself, and goes ...
by Jaimas
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Short diary. Just wanted to note that Darrell Issa did an "ask me anything" on reddit this morning specifically about his call for a 2 year moratorium on internet legislation. http://www.reddit.com/...
by papa monzano
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With this hilarious Onion video about Cloud computing it makes an important point: everyone is talking about "Cloud computing" but it seems like few know what it is. It's important to know what ...
by CartoonDiablo
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Prompted by this bit of news, I have decided to examine the track record of the anti-internet, anti-speech, anti-file sharing, pro-corporate, Orwellian-named "Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement" (...
by Australian2
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Not a lot to say about this (I know, I should have at least 3 decent paragraphs...), but the photo of the European Parliament just after the vote is worth thousands of words (the ones that ACTA ...
by watercarrier4diogenes
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In a stunning reversal brought about by massive European protests, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) has been overwhelmingly rejected by the European Union's Parliament in a vote of 478-...
by David Harris Gershon
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The Words That Get You A Big Brother You May Not Want! Government monitoring of emails, Tweets, Facebook posts, Instant Messages or for that matter, just about any social media outlets that ...
by Jillian Barclay
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Under a president deemed worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize, the will of the authoritarian tyrant caste is being written permanently into American law. H.R. 347/S1794, otherwise known as the “...
by ZakkFlash
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Or so the MPAA, RIAA, Facebook, and the government would have you believe. The defeat of SOPA has not proved to be a deterrent, it has been seen as a bump in the road. The foes of privacy are ...
by LostBuckeye
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I know that the JOBS ( Justifying U nscrupulous B ucket S hops) Act has passed the Senate, or at least past its last major procedural hurdle. (It’s hard to tell from the stories.) I also know ...
by LunkHead
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Yes, I know, that's not exactly something you expect to see posted on DKos -- at least, not posted in a non-ironic fashion -- but, as Kos has noted, the Republicans stepped up to the plate to oppose ...
by The Baptist Death Ray
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Obviously, I didn't sign ACTA, but Slovenian Ambassador Helena Drnovšek Zorko wrote why she signed ACTA. For those of you who do not already ...
by nerve
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Giants and Patsies bring their show to Indy to tee it up for Super 46. In other news #OWS Oakland bringing some, #OWS helps shut down SOPA, so the Corporatists come back with ACTA, bound and ...
by winkk
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Do you want Mr. Obama to win the elections this fall? Then please help him by contacting him to tell him to stop doing one of the most boneheaded things a politician can do these days - alienate ...
by joe shikspack
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Apparently the Poles received a phone call from the U.S. embassy that was asking about the vote about internet privacy and censorship.
by Horace Boothroyd III
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Giants and Patsies bring their show to Indy to tee it up for Super 46. In other news #OWS Oakland kicking ass, #OWS helps shut down SOPA, so the Corporatists come back with ACTA, bound and ...
by winkk
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If you thought the battle over Internet censorship with SOPA and PIPA was over, think again. Anon has issued an ultimatum... jump the squiggle!
by Clive all hat no horse Rodeo
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Legacy media companies are pushing hard for legislation to shield them from competition. They might be better off if they worked at improving their offerings. Cross posted ...
by danps
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Nobody seems to be talking about it yet, so here goes. Hot on the tail of SOPA/PIPA's failure to get rammed through the Legislative Branch thanks to our collective intervention, a new threat has ...
by Jaimas
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Was killing SOPA and PIPA (and what we learned in the process) a demonstration of Democracy in Action or exhibit A proving that our democracy has been hijacked?
by Dennis Trainor Jr
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