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Full details - conference.organizing20.org For six years now, a volunteer crew has been teaching organizing (and digital organizing) skills to thousands of people in New York - and elsewhere. If ...
by clenchner
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As with the first industrial revolution, the merger of Clicks and Bricks forces us to ask: Which laws need to be updated, which are just irrelevant, and which are barriers to entry created by ...
by StevenStrauss
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"a lifetime thinking . . . ." is an ongoing graphic memoir, political and personal, created by Jeff Van Syckle.
by jvansyckle
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"a lifetime thinking . . . ." is an ongoing graphic memoir, political and personal, created by Jeff Van Syckle.
by jvansyckle
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One of the more amazing stories in aviation is the continued role for the B-52, Boeing's huge 8-engined behemoth from the Cold War. The newest B-52 of the 744 built is over 50 years old . ...
by xaxnar
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This article originally appeared at TomDispatch.com. To receive TomDispatch in your inbox three times a week, click here . The Golden Age of Journalism? Your Newspaper, Your Choice By Tom ...
by TomDispatch
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The first step to putting a stop to violations of our privacy is to shine some light on the problem. One way to do that is to require that anyone gathering our data must ask permission first. We ...
by Wanderer1961
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Contrast and Saturation This is the 5th diary in my iPhone Lessons series. The human eye is an incredible thing, it can detect a wide range of light. Your brain takes the light information that ...
by bsegel
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In my last lesson diary I talked about High Dynamic Range photography, this week I'm going to go over how to stitch your images together to get great panorama pictures.
by bsegel
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This week we are going to explore High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography. Full size image The photo above is actually two pictures put ...
by bsegel
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In lesson 1 last week I introduced a few rules of photography that can help everyone take better pictures. The Rule of Thirds being what I feel to be the most important rule followed by ...
by bsegel
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Welcome to my new diary series, Bob's iPhone Photography . As a lot of you know I do a monthly diary where I highlight the photography by Pete Souza and his staff of White House photographers and ...
by bsegel
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Republican Chairman Reince Priebus promises a brand spankin' new GOP in a video message on the RNC website. Flashy. The more things change, the more they stay the same : Republicans finally get ...
by Georgia Logothetis
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If a commodity in today's world economy can be digitally distributed, the creators of those commodities are attempting to push it in that direction. In today's the days of such things like the book, ...
by billyleeblack16
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Eastman Kodak has filed for bankruptcy protection today. As someone who grew ...
by xaxnar
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Google's purchase of Motorola Android assets is the largest purchase ever (priced at $13 billion). Android is now used in over 150 million devices worldwide that's about 48% of the market share. ...
by THeLiA
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As part of Anonymous dKos, I intend to spread the word. Newest video from Anonymous What Is the Plan (and really empowering I might add) is below the fold. Today I hear the democrats are joining ...
by shantysue
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(Cross-posted from my blog ) The political world is buzzing today ...
by rottenart
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A while back I posted a diary about how digitalization, ...
by jeffinfremont
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Below is a YouTube of a plenary speech I gave on June 20, to the annual meeting of University Presses. I took advantage of that moment, and spoke from my heart to address two themes that matter: a)
by mwmwm
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