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Then we see protests. When the authorities say they will investigate - while taking absolutely no actions to address (during or following such investigation) - we see more people stop pretending to "
by DKAtoday
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Consider: What is one of the worlds greatest concerns and source of strife (armed conflict for access to and control of)? It is the ability to create electricity (power) as well as fuel for ...
by DKAtoday
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. . . . for the population? I started down this road of consideration in another post: Did He really just tell the community at large to fall back on the Stand Your Ground Law? When I wrote that ...
by DKAtoday
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Authorities fail to charge or otherwise indict Darrin Wilson for murder or for any lesser charge. But - HEY Not to worry - as - while making the announcement the Prosecutor reassured citizens that ...
by DKAtoday
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Hunt for the Monster Why? Short answer = History tells us so. Longer answer (click on the link below and let one who sees them coming tell you a significant ...
by DKAtoday
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Which do you prefer? NUMBER 1 ?
by DKAtoday
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Recent elections show that Kos is wrong in opposing ballot initiatives. Instead of bewailing their misuse, smart activists are using them to accomplish FAR more than begging representatives for mercy.
by Evan Ravitz
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I originally wrote this and placed it out on twitter, facebook and OccupyWallSt.org in Dec 2011. It was during the Holidays and I was thinking of Family Friends our Society our Country and our World.
by DKAtoday
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It is common sense. Why? For the very fact that it needs to be done to fuel the continuing operation of our country and it's needed services. Why? Because - living wage employment is being off-...
by DKAtoday
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This is my 1st contribution to this site = Daily Kos. I have found many good articles (good food for thought & for sharing) and opportunities to directly participate in actions - presented here. I ...
by DKAtoday
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Long-fought small victories are what Pete Seeger meant when he spoke of a “teaspoon brigade” and the power of small. When asked to comment upon the size of an assembled crowd of tens of ...
by occupystephanie
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The crocodile tears are flowing at Politico where right-wing law prof Eugene Kontorovich tries to make the case ...
by Th0rn
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Our founding fathers envisioned a government where we would govern ourselves by electing representatives to make laws on our behalf. In order for this to work the citizens of their fledgling nation ...
by Omir the Storyteller
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No mic checks, no drum circles, no "jazz fingers," none of that irrelevant counterculture horseshit that dazzles the left-wing imagination and makes everyone else yawn and pick Comic Con instead: ...
by Troubadour
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IC R&D will research and discuss all aspects of intentional communities: mission, strategy, goals, governance, finances, resources (land, housing, facilities, infrastructure, equipment, supplies...),
by Words In Action
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Last night, while doing my laundry, I noticed that there was a new exhibition being set up – I live in an artists’ loft in Boston. I took a peek because it looked like they had charcoal sketches..
by margarida
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We had some great victories for marriage equality this November, with three states voting to legalize it and a fourth voting down a constitutional ban. Furthermore, the Supreme Court is likely to ...
by BeloitDem
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In ten days, we'll have the opportunity to flip the switch on one of the most cherished notions of the homophobic right: when "the people" get to vote on issues concerning the rights of the LGBT ...
by Dave in Northridge
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In response to Amendment One, it's what generally -- and historically -- happens in the United States when a group's civil rights are put up for a vote. I presented this at the Center for the Study ...
by Dave in Northridge
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As we see locally GA's are making changes in their individual communities. Addressing the problems and issues that have been swept under the rug in our warped political system. Challenging the ...
by Horace Boothroyd III
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