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Over the centuries Christianity has worn some very ugly faces. During the Crusades, Inquisition, and witch hunts Christianity appeared to be made up intolerant murderers who rounded up anyone who ...
by christians4
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I want to tell you a story. It's a true story. It's a fact-checked, researched, and important story. And it has a hell of an ending. If, by the time I'm finished, you feel comfortable with Pete ...
by Ryan Syrek
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By way of introduction, I am the treasurer of the Elect Bob Sergi for Sheriff campaign in Jackson County, Oregon. We have a Sheriff here who has been in the job for 12 years. It's time he find ...
by IvoryWine
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by Leslie Salzillo
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The big political news in New York City is the federal charges against State Sen. Malcolm Smith and others for bribery. However most of what the NY Times has to say about the charges seem to be ...
by workingwords
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C'mon, folks. Now's your chance to shove the game of politics right back in Karl Rove's face. Please click through to the Todd Akin for Senate site below and after clicking the "CONTACT" tab on ...
by Pragmatus
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I just read Fareed Zakaria's My Take article which said that this current ...
by onanyes
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I saw on the Internets that the group Americans for Responsible Patriotism to Save Our Seniors and Your Third Amendment Rights™ (www.bonnerandassociates.com/ARPSSYTAR) says Congressman John ...
by ImaJoeBob
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Sure, Miami, Chicago, Gary, New Orleans and some other cities in the United States have a reputation for dirty politics, and I'm sure those cities deserve it. But Jersey City stands in a class by ...
by DemocraticLuntz
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I knew Joe the Plumber was another McCain stunt. It was stealthily done, but it is starting to be obvious. So let's all stay on top of this so this doesn't catch fire - and let it show ...
by xsonogall
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Bobby May, McCain campaign representative in Buchanan County, Virginia, has penned a intensely hateful, racist and homophobic anti-Obama screed under the guise of "parody." Follow below the jump...
by democracy8888
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At a rally today in California, Gov. Sarah Palin offered up a rather jarring argument for supporting the Republican ticket. "There's a place in Hell reserved for women who don't support other women,"
by benacey
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DeJa-Vu All Over Again, and Again, and Again........., Still In The Nixon Dirty Tricks Era, Same Ole GOP Only More Corrupt and Dumber!! As a 'Nam Vet and Pro-Peace Activist from after till ...
by jimstaro
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BARACK OBAMA NEEDS US NOW!! The speeches at the Republican Convention show that John McCain and his radcial right-wing base plan on fighting hard and fighting DIRTY against ...
by barindersharma
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I couldn't find a diary on this one. I just heard about this contest on McCain's site. after the ...
by RoseZ
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I recently posted a YouTube video that I made which brutally attacks McCain on everything from his military biography, to his adultry, to the ...
by Plisko
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by Scandal Mac
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Funny that the (un)Democratic version of Red State has now been relegated to the position that they truly deserve. So vile that when one of Susan's hit pieces on Obama which is linked on Real Clear ...
by pattisigh
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Why double standards & mimicking the Clinton attack machine is a sad sign that the Obama campaign isn't as different as we had hoped it would be.
by Scandal Mac
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John Kerry served in Vietnam, saved a man’s life and was wounded. Somehow, a lot of voters perceived of John Kerry as a coward who never served his country and would not be tough ...
by codyjarett
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