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Ahoy hoy. I don't actually have an enormous amount of time, so I'm keeping this succinct, apologies for brevity, I've tried to pass this on some time ago to the staff here, but other issues took ...
by somewierdguy
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Saw this and figured folks here would approve. Not much to say, just a very succinct action to report to you. The reaction to and organizing against gun violence continues and grows. There has ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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There was a time when it seemed like music could change the world. In the days of three TV channels and no Internet, music was one of the most effective ways to introduce new ideas and perspectives.
by Abscondo
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I hate the image of Lincoln that most Americans hold, the five dollar profile of “The Great Emancipator”. You see, Abraham Lincoln saved the Union and ended slavery not because he was a saint ...
by KAMuston
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When ordinary means are insuficient to prevent a monsterous harm from being perpertrated the only choice left is to go above and beyond the ordinary to persue a higher justice. The inertia of our ...
by Lefty Coaster
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There has been some discussion regarding the role of Anonymous in the protests called "Occupy Wall Street", protests that are now spreading throughout the country. Some have stated their disdain ...
by Lisa Lockwood
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Let's ask Dylan Ratigan to start a Mad as Hell Project on the model of the It Gets Better Project. Email Dylan at madashell@dylanratigan....
by PlutocracyFiles
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The Diary title is directed at me as much as anyone else on this site. If you are doing everything that you can to get Democrats elected this fall then pat yourself on the back and move on, this ...
by leftover
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Cross posted at QofTU *if you have a moment and would like to help Middle Monkey today, I would appreciate you picking up ...
by DFJtoo
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We failed. We didn't call enough. We didn't give enough and She wasn't clear enough. This is not some country wide mandate that congress if off track. This nation needs so many of the proposals ...
by MrsVirtue
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I know you have one, we all do: one of those brilliant, unorthodox ways to combat global warming that cause people to look at us like we’ve got a screw loose. Maybe you’ve never shared ...
by Rezkalla
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i am getting sick and tired of time after time of the most inane, immature and bullshit spin that dominates the public debate about every story that breaks. i don't think i am alone in this and ...
by philosphy of truthfulness
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This will be a short diary, because it is not about what I think, but about what you think, dear women and LGBT Americans. Really, the title and diary is also intended for Latino Americans, ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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Excuse for borrowing a phrase . Today we learned ...
by Populista
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I just got back from the Target Center in Minneapolis where I watched President Obama speak to a crowd of tens of thousands of people who are defiantly fired up and ready to go for health ...
by Populista
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Rush Limbaugh is the personification of a bully and a tyrant. He incites people to form mobs and do his dictate. I hope everyone will someday realize that Rush Limbaugh is not to be respected he ...
by thinkingblue
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In order to keep this whole house flap alive, you have to constantly come up with new angles to push. One obvious one is that, according to the Veterans Administration, "
by Hesiod
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While Nevada was disappointing to some of us Obama supporters. There is some positive news. That is ...
by Populista
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Well, I did it. I phoned all 3 campaigns, told them what I was doing, and asked for the best route to get these questions into the right hands. It came as no surprise that the staff of a ...
by Timbuk3
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Hi! This is just a few quick pick pictures orf the SF chapter(?) of the peace rallys that happened nation-wide today. Just a few pictures and impressions, starting ...
by Jacques
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