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If you caught Orly Taitz's full strait-jacket meltdown on MSNBC with Dave Schuster and Tamron Hall you probably thought you'd seen it all. Well...no you haven't. What if I told you Phil Berg (...
by henry porter
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I often wonder how people can forget the last 8 years. We had a President that empowered the rich, destroyed the middle class, went to war by attacking a sovereign nation with a lie, allowed torture,
by desnyder
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"The Soloist is the best film, for me, in a very long time. Some say it is exploitative but that's for the people who don't want to know how colonial our giving can be and often is...We are missing ...
by Carol Smaldino
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Redstate.com is calling the SCOTUS pick a distraction from North Korea's latest provocations to the modern world. ...
by Setrak
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With the passing of every week I become more against a "truth commission" or torture prosecutions. Instead of putting the left on a moral high ground, these issues are leveling the playing field in ...
by Dr Teeth
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Back on April 23 DanK is Back wrote a ...
by Gangster Octopus
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I've been getting the shakes lately, and it's starting to kind of freak me out. At first I thought it was ...
by keirdubois
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As usual, Dick Cheney, the talking meatsticks, the right wing noise machine and even some of us here are getting wrapped up in and lost in side issues and distractions – some of which may or ...
by clammyc
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We are all, okay most of us, seeped in much too much self-righteousness. Do any of you have an idea of why most of us might be terrorized from within, too frightened to see how afraid we are to ...
by Carol Smaldino
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China, wow...it gives away so much to say I remember Mao, and that the memory of his enormous image imposed on all we saw, is a lasting memory. And now it's quaint, with a popular Propaganda poster ...
by Carol Smaldino
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I happen to use a parable on the last day of my AP Psychology class(es) each year. It is not my original work, but comes from an interpretation of an old Native American fable written and ...
by elropsych
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So today I had to run a few errands, pick up a few groceries for my Mom who was feeling ill, and when I come back DailyKos is in a righteous blaze over ... Rick Santelli. Seemingly dozens of diaries ...
by Larry Madill
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For a very long time, the world of liberals has been defined by goodness and light, and longing and peace and love. And all of those are beautiful but without the sense of reality, and the capacity ...
by Carol Smaldino
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Can the Feds go after Paulsen next??? Sure Blagojevich is corrupt but he is small potatoes, compared to the corruption to the tune of BILLIONS taking place right now in the Federal government. ...
by Rachel Griffiths
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Speaking for myself, all of the economic doom and gloom news of late is beginning to merge in my feeble brain into a mash of free floating fear and loathing. I read about ...
by Aura
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Another in a series of mental health / brief distraction diaries. I was fortunate enough to visit the Okavango Delta of Botswana earlier this year on a photography vacation and these shots are a ...
by Haole in Hawaii
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Another in a series of late-night mental health diaries. This one will focus on the amazing birds of the Okavango Delta of Botswana. I was fortunate enough to travel there earlier this year for a ...
by Haole in Hawaii
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I am posting this diary only as a brief distraction for my fellow Kossacks. I have maxed out my contributions to Barack and have donated to several down ticket races thousands of miles from my home.
by Haole in Hawaii
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OK, I mean six months ago, when Hillary was attacking him for the same nonsense. There's a reason John McCain didn't bring this up in the second debate. Obama would respond with COMMON SENSE and ...
by barindersharma
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John McCain sat down with ABC’s Charlie Gibson last night.  Here’s the exchange on whether the economy has hurt McCain’s chance of getting elected.
by filibusted
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