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More money passes through family law courts than all the other courts combined. Corrupt judges have unchecked power over your personal finances and your childrens’ lives. The lawyers are likely ...
by MCMoewe
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Tennessee Couple Larry And Linda Drain Forced To Separate After 33 Years To Keep Insurance The state of Tennessee refusal to expand medicare is hurting real Americans. In TN if your household ...
by prettymeadow
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We don't talk the way we used to. We fight about money and church, we argue about medicine and how to pay the doctor's bills. We can't talk about how we don't remember it being this hot in the ...
by Daily Crow
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Joni Ernst considers herself to be a "defender of traditional marriage". But how does she feel about traditional divorce?
by blacksnake
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A Japanese woman is divorcing her husband of six years because he doesn’t like the Disney movie “Frozen.” The 29-year-old woman apparently soured on her marriage after her husband admitted ...
by Richard Riis
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An LA Times article called "Middle-raged woman" caught my attention the other day. "I think there are some people for whom long-term marriages really work; it's a wonderful thing to see. But ...
by AKSteve
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So. Sherri Shepherd, who I know only because about 3 years (+/-) ago she announced on 'The View' that "Christianity is the only religion, everyone knows that, it started 2,000 years ago when Jesus ...
by SammyK
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The conservative pro-heterosexual marriage movement has another idea to move this country backwards--make it harder for couples to get a divorce. Historically, the states made it very difficult for ...
by night cat
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Yesterday was my Mother's birthday..March 11th and she would have been 89. She died 10 years ago. I wrote a song in 73 about a phone coversation she and I had in the middle of a turbulent time. ...
by Vetwife
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According to an anonymous judge, the public should be happy with no information about a politician's divorce here in Maryland. Never mind that character counts in the polling place. Richard ...
by dadadata
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It's not often that a Legislative session in Kansas is this productive.. Just yesterday, the Kansas house panel agreed to provisions that would make discriminating against Gays & Lesbians legal ...
by Chris Reeves
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This weekend, the folks at Huffington Post were doing some digging, and turned up a mighty interesting column that Tom Cotton wrote in 1997, during his junior year at Harvard--one of several he ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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I've detailed before why the concepts of Biblical and traditional marriage are nothing at all like people generally imagine . It turns out that that concept, contemporary heterosexual unions, that ...
by Rachel191
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It's official. The Wisconsin Capitol building is now the state's most elegant whorehouse. From the Wisconsin State Journal in an article titled Wealthy divorced donor helped write controversial child-
by Giles Goat Boy
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Big changes have come to my neck of the woods and the last couple of years have found me mostly absent from Daily Kos. I used to be quite a prolific diarist, I had a lot to say and still do, but ...
by Ellinorianne
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Linda has family values. Both of her parents were school teachers. Her father was an artist. Her mother taught language arts and music. In church, Linda’s parents also taught Sunday School for ...
by David Satterlee
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Some of you may recall some dairies that I wrote which I link here in which I requested the advise from this community on behalf of my sister who lives in San Antonio, Texas. I am in Wisconsin and I ...
by Ole Texan
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So there used to be this woman I was nuts about. Just completely head over heels. We got married - and she dumped me. I'm still sorting it all out. More below the dooblydoo.
by Mortifyd
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Six years ago, I was officially divorced from an emotionally abusive and controlling woman I'd left a year earlier. In that year, I got tripped up by several loopholes in North Carolina law that ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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From The Washington Post : Divorced: MSNBC morning anchor Joe Scarborough, 50, and his wife Susan Waren, 44, after more than 11 years of marriage. The two sure kept their split quiet, though — ...
by ericlewis0
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