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Dustin Hoffman doesn’t play him in the movie.
by Brian Ross
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A dangerous thing can occur when you start learning about what's really going on in the world. The problems start to seem so complex, and you're just one person, doubts begin to creep in. You ...
by Tim Hjersted
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by Laura Clawson
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Today, the DC Environmental Film Festival had a "pre-screening" of BAG IT at the Warner Theatre.
by A Siegel
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It is just after 11 PM on 9/11. I have just finished watching several hours on the History Channel. First was a documentary on the Marriott at WTC. Then a remarkable documentary entitled "102 ...
by teacherken
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This is a review of the new documentary by film-maker Gilbert Hurricane of his documentary "North of the Border". Here are the first two paragraphs of the review. The complete review will be ...
by garygainesville
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This is an open call to anyone who has had a hand in starting or running a local film series. Right now, I'm living in a small city in northern Illinois. It's a parochial, conservative place with ...
by Geenius at Wrok
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I'm reposting this diary (which got crushed by sen. Kennedy's funeral) regarding Afghan Star , a wonderful documentary I saw recently on British TV.
by Lupin
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Hi folks, A request this time...I teach American Government and Politics at a private all-male school in Philly (both AP and non-AP). I'm trying to figure out what to show this year, and am ...
by dizzydean
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A few weeks ago, the documentary Food, Inc. concluded its local run (local ...
by Friday Night at the Movies
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* My friend, a public school teacher, just told me she was reluctant to support health care reform because it could lead to socialism. Yes, a public school teacher said that. (I suspect ...
by MissInformation
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Wanted to share with everyone this great post by an AFL-CIO writer. ***** Three elderly New Yorkers—Yok Ziebel, Julie Luguvoy and Pete Rosenblum—are meeting at the ...
by Tula Connell
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The trailers and synopsis for the Academy Award Nominations for Best Documentary ...
by ellieelliott
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If you live in California, you can enjoy some of our best birding this time of year. For those in other places, looking out at six inches of new snow, maybe it's time for some indoor birding. You ...
by lineatus
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by gypsy
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Note: I'm the author of Barack Obama: This Improbable Quest , but I'm not part of the Obama campaign. “Hype: The ...
by JohnKWilson
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I just saw a documentary that makes me wonder...for the states and counties that still use electronic voting... Is the fix already in?
by imfunnytoo
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This ought to really raise the ire of condemnation within the Fundamentalist Christian Community, especially as practiced in the U.S..
by jimstaro
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Note: I'm the author of a new book, Barack Obama: This Improbable Quest , but I'm not part of the Obama Campaign. The first efforts in the 2008 ...
by JohnKWilson
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If you missed the original broadcast on PBS last April 24, 2007 or on the re-broadcast on some local PBS stations during their fundraisers, you can purchase a copy on DVD from the PBS.org Website. ...
by Trainer 12
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