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The Nevada Assembly has now joined the Senate in overriding the governor's veto....
by EthanR
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In response to the California Supreme Court's affirming Prop 8 yesterday, many were inclined to find the bright side of the decision. While I find that a laudable attitude, and I also am persuaded ...
by Attorney at Arms
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The Washington Legislature has just passed an "everything but marriage" bill that grants the state's registered domestic partners all the rights and benefits the state offers married couples. The ...
by sam2300
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It is fair to say that we all "know" that some churches in the U.S. have had some back-seat-influence when it comes to legislation involving civil rights and privacy issues. But, _only in New ...
by JaciCee
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Showing evidence that the homophobic contingent of the right-wing sector of society wants not only to prevent marriage equality, but to prevent same-sex couples from even enjoying the benefits of a ...
by boofdah
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(cross-posted from Loaded Orygun , Oregon's progressive community) I know it will shock all of you to learn this,
by vard
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The Oregon Family Fairness Act , a statewide domestic partnership act which was enacted by the Democratic-controlled ...
by MadProfessor
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Gay Rights, Iran, the DPO Summit, the AFL-CIO Convention, Paul Krugman, the Talking Heads, the V-22 Osprey, Todd Haynes, Bob Dylan and the Idiocy of "Supply-Side Economics"
by Steve Novick
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Thanks to user KatRose over at Pam's House Blend Mad ...
by MadProfessor
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by Colorado Luis
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by Mark K In Tucson Arizona
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by pacified
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by Janus
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by Unawen
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