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It's sad but most foreigners get their idea of what Americas is about by our TV shows aired around the world.Shows like Survivor ,The Apprentice and WWE Wrestling . Each showing us at our worst ,our ...
by blackribboncampaign
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In two weeks, Iowa GOP Rep. Steve King will host what amounts to the clown car of 2016 campaign events. Featuring Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum—the Iowa ...
by Kerry Eleveld
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When Barack Obama announced his candidacy over six years ago, a ruckus stirred over his birthplace. Was it in the USA or Kenya? At the time, I knew that Hawaii had been one of the fifty ...
by Marinade Dave
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Well, this is the funniest thing I 've heard all day. One of the inmates wants to run the asylum. Donald Trump..the insanely rich and totally insane Donald is seriously considering running for ...
by Gwennedd
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If you are going to make a speech at a banquet to honor the champions of the recently concluded NASCAR season, it would probably be a good idea to have at least some basic knowledge of just what the ...
by quaoar
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President Cruz was a busy man. Dismantling the government was a little harder than he had bargained for–- all that annoying legislation -- but it had only been two weeks since his inauguration and ...
by johnblu
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I won't say a word. I'll let America's loudest asshole and hair speak for itself. (I know the tweet at the bottom has nothing to do with Ebola, but just another lie from our resident blowhard.)
by oxfdblue
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If Donald Trump and Rep. Steve King had _not_ planned a press conference together, we probably would have had to launch a Kickstarter ...
by Hunter
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Donald Trump is playing the race card. The white race card. As in, help, help, white people are being oppressed! Yes, the scales of social justice are being tipped unfairly against white people, in ...
by R o o k
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Short-fingered vulgarian, habitual liar and bankruptcy recidivist Donald Trump, probably the only man in history inept enough to lose money owning a casino, takes to the Twitters on a regular basis, ...
by Retroactive Genius
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Two days after tweeting this ...
by Jed Lewison
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Watch out John Boehner:
by Jed Lewison
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Will Scott Brown play the Trump card? We'...
by Jed Lewison
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We often hear from right wing businessman, such as Donald Trump, and the Koch brothers that obama's supposed socialism and wealth redistribution is going to destroy their business. It's been over 5 ...
by Nchester51
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Last night, Stephen took on Donald Trump's latest "power move"—suing two casinos that use his name. Full video after the jump.
by Michael Langenmayr
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The [Washington Posthttp://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/wp/2014/09/10/president-obama-wanted-to-play-a-round-of-golf-on-labor-day-weekend-several-clubs-told-him-no/], [CBS Sportshttp://www....
by bastrop
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When the Founding Fathers sat down to write the Second Amendment, what they had in mind were situations like the following. You're a man (the Constitution is for men, because the laydeez should be ...
by Retroactive Genius
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Noisy, short-fingered vulgarian Donald Trump has always inspired one burning question in people, viz : seriously, what the fuck is that thing on his head ? Is it friendly? Is it dangerous? You don't ...
by Retroactive Genius
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Scotland wants wind turbines like these and other renewables to supply 100 percent of the nation's electricity by 2020. Donald Trump says the turbines are the worst disaster to befall Scotland in ...
by Meteor Blades
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After David Brat's win last night, I read this article. Here were a bunch of very, very rich people gloating and cheering because a Tea Party candidate, David Brat, had beaten Eric Cantor. Bozell ...
by BadKitties
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