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It was exactly one week ago, January 29th, (my birthday) when the Surgeons and the Shipping Department at California Pacific Medical Center cooperatively packed my left kidney in a box and sent it ...
by nycbassist
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From now to Oct 14, Walgreens is donating a flu shot to the UN for every flu shot they sell here.
by Marnie1
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West Virginia is one of Democrats' most endangered senate seats in 2014 with incumbent Democrat Jay Rockefeller retiring and popular congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV-02) running to succeed ...
by Stephen Wolf
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While Newt is busy destroying Romney for us, I want to focus on dem senate and house candidates where we can make a difference REGARDLESS of state. The fact is, we could lose the senate. Changing ...
by cany
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I have been a long time reader of Swing State Project and now Daily Kos Elections and I wanted your help with something. I set aside a budget for myself for political donations for 2011 and I have $...
by wikiks
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by Something the Dog Said
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Meteor Blades has had a new sig line up relative recently, which I'm now going to embed in the amber of a diary: Don't tell me what you believe. Tell me what you *do* and I will tell ...
by Seneca Doane
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A new charity site that enables direct donations to families in need has been launched at SmallCanBeBig.com . By partnering with established charities, ...
by lesliet
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Jesus. It comes once a year and what do you know it comes the same day every year. September 30th. Is that such a hard date to remember? No. But did you call me today, send me card, an e-card, ...
by SouthSideDem
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The rec list looks like it is in full panic mode. There is plenty of infighting. Diaries that say Obama is losing have made the rec list. Prominent users of this site have claimed that Obama has ...
by The Bagof Health and Politics
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This is going out in a hurry so I apologize in advance for the inevitable mistakes, oversights, lack of snazziness (never my strog suit) and overall rantiness. I am, like you and like the election, ...
by power2truth
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Turn off this box, go down to the local campaign office and start working those lists! Your neanderthal neighbor next-door is already down at the Republican office, doing his best to completely ...
by IsraelHand
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I am quite sorry for disagreeing with people who see the voter registration purge as a non-issue. Today, I decided to put my fear of another stolen election into action. I signed up ...
by whereisboblafollette
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I am still bitter about the couple of hundred of dollars I gave the DNC in 2004. As much I respected Kerry's service in Vietnam and his speaking out against the war afterwards, as much I liked the ...
by marian
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On Sunday I found out that an Obama campaign office in my home state of New Mexico did not have the supplies it needed for its open house this next Saturday. I don't know the reasons for the lack ...
by JaciCee
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It's late, about 10 pm. The phone rings, caller ID tells me it's a good friend, and I answer, "Hey! What's up?” She is ecstatic, “Hey! I just donated $5.00 to Barack Obama!”
by Aaa T Tudeattack
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And then send Barack $40.04. It's been a long bloody nomination, but the writing on the wall is finally being read. Neither candidate has won or lost due to their SuperMinorityPower. This was ...
by Mike Czech
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I didn't plan on writing this diary today. In fact, I have half of a diary already written about my experience at the Maine Democratic Convention on Saturday. But today I'm going to ask you to ...
by Kyle the Mainer
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Today I decided to phone bank. I made 40 calls to Indiana, and 30 calls to North Carolina.
by hyper
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alcohol for at least five days, beginning April 29. This won't be that difficult, as I'm flying out to visit my mother for five days beginning April 29, and I'm going to be in her home and in a ...
by cn4st4datrees
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