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California law makers are trying to raise the smoking age. I say if you are going to do that, then you should consider doing something with the age at which people are required to sign up for ...
by tlcpro
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I need 2 more players to keep my league at 10 teams. We draft Wednesday 9PM ET (7PM my Colorado time). No money or betting involved. The cool part is that it's an auction draft. So you can have ...
by retro postmodernist
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Those are not combat fatigues. Dana Milbank, wanker extraordinaire : ...
by kos
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I think the real push for the draft comes from organizations like the VFW. If the vet organizations put their all to propose the draft it will happen. You cannot find many politicians being against '
by LimitedGoverment
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The most serious issues are the issues of the war and peace. Foreing policy has always been and is always the first policy, not the economy. The war in Iraq has made a shortage of the troops in all ...
by LimitedGoverment
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Pseudo-progressives in congress will join the GOP in coming call for selective service activation. Is the freedom of the young Americans so unimportant to ''liberals'' they don't choose this issue ...
by LimitedGoverment
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When the war in Syria will come the US will need the military draft. The congress will propbably vote about that. It would prolly be progressive vs. all othes like 320-80 is a close guess.
by LimitedGoverment
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[Cross-posted at The Left Coaster. ] The good David Sirota of Salon asks an excellent question in wondering whether ending the draft (forced military conscription for young males) was a wise ...
by paradox
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Force and fraud are similar in that they are differing types of attacks on the mind as well as the body. The essential intellectual elements in both is that in both cases the will of the victim is ...
by dov12348
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Liberal icon Charlie Rangel (D-NY13) knows a thing or two about military service. When he was twenty he found himself in the still functionally segregated United States Army, in a place called Kunu-...
by DaNang65
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Charlie Rangel wants to bring back the draft. Whew! That takes me back 45 years. We had the draft back then, all right. I ought to know. I dodged it. You see, the way I figured it, if they ...
by disinterested spectator
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The Constitution of our country was written at a time when only white landowners could vote. At a time when most Americans didn't travel more than a couple days' ride in horse and buggy from the ...
by Duck Soup 2008
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The foreign policy debate is tonight which reminded me of this fact:Mitt Romney protested in favor of the Vietnam War draft, but then when his number was called got himself a deferment to France.
by ank721
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One of the first times I saw Mitt Romney speak was on television during his 2007 campaign in Iowa for the Republican nomination. Now I try to give all Republican candidates the same chance as ...
by the pza
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Folks, we are proud to announce our latest effort over at Left Action: Draft Mitt Romney for president... of the Cayman Islands! Sign on, send a ...
by Hlinko
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The Vietnam War was the defining political, cultural, moral event for anyone Mitt's age. There was plenty of info in Chuck Todd's Mitt bio on how his time as a missionary formed his worldview. No ...
by Dave in RI
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As the Democratic base gears up for the consequential elections in 2012 (at the Presidential as well as State levels), we must remain vigilant and consider the next round of elections. In Virginia, ...
by DraftTomPerriello
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Just finished reading an excellent post from leaning left about why an all volunteer army is detrimental to our nation and how we as a nation view war. You can read it here . I wanted to expand on ...
by idbecrazyif
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My mother-in-law Madelyn possesses an amazing institutional memory. In her eighties now, she grew up the second youngest of ten children born to an Irish immigrant and a woman raised in the Blue ...
by DrLori
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“Who fought for you in Vietnam while you were in Paris?” That’s the sign I saw a protester holding on the way to my rally. Oh come on. For Pete’s sake, my father was in the Nixon cabinet.
by oc hope
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