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Republished from caucus99percent Today is Saint George's Day, at least in England. He is probably best known for snuffing a dragon. As a child, I always heard and saw references to "Saint George ...
by enhydra lutris
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My favorite picture of a GBH taken in the Padden Creek estuary within a quarter mile of the Heronry. This was taken a few years ago in early spring, about now. The Great Blue Heron (GBH; Ardea ...
by RonK
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If you are thinking about sitting out this election, these comments are meant for you. I know some of you are discouraged about the Democratic candidates. I know some Dems are not all you wish ...
by elenacarlena
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Cross-posted at Immizen.com A friend sent me this interesting article that my guess is, at the risk of sounding sexist, only guys read: “Our universe may have emerged from a black hole in a higher-
by healthy
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Greetings! and welcome to an extra quick edition of Marko's Fuzzy Friday Open Thread for the Street Prophets group. A certain Favorite Female of mine would like to steal the computer to watch "Pride ...
by Marko the Werelynx
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Handsome snake, eyes of glass, so quiet, invisible among the stones, gliding through breaks, pouring into cracks to sup the milk of dragons in the earth. I am constricted, crushed, worked into ...
by ruleoflaw
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Continuing our look at Ursula K. Le Guin's fantasy classic, A Wizard of Earthsea . Ged, also known as Sparrowhawk, is a young wizard from the Island of Gont who has come to the Roke School of Magic.
by quarkstomper
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Welcome to Sunday All Day Brunch. This is an open topic thread so help yourself to the goodies and sit a spell and let us know what is new in your life. I have a couple of leads on where to promote ...
by michelewln
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Part 1: Unexpected Journey Part 2: Riddles In the Dark Part 3: Into ...
by quarkstomper
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Welcome to Thursday Coffee Hour. This is an open topic thread so help yourself to the goodies and sit a spell and let us know what is new with you. I do a great deal of fantasy art since I grew up ...
by michelewln
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Still hiding out in the hotel, the money promised from the previous employer evaporated. I'll let the lawyers deal with it. I went and made an offer on a log cabin on 10 acres of boar infested, ...
by Millrat
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We had a debate earlier today in the WA-01 race. A member of the audience asked about guns. Given my diary last week , I figured I was in the best position to respond, and did . Ballots are out in ...
by Darcy Burner
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Welcome to Sunday All Day Brunch. This is an open topic thread so grab your favorite drink and one of those Spicy Cranberry Rolls I just made and sit down and relax and tell us what is new in your ...
by michelewln
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Yesterday, the world of readers lost a great one. Ann McCaffrey, author of way too many good and great books, died of a stroke at home yesterday. She was 85, and her family says she went quickly, ...
by trumpeter
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News reports are that Anne McCaffrey passed away at her home in Ireland on Monday after ...
by xaxnar
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Yup. They did. Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope have discovered a fourth moon orbiting the icy dwarf planet Pluto. The tiny, new satellite -- temporarily designated P4 -- ...
by jpmassar
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Imagine you just moved into a New Place to live -- and after a week or so you realize that the place is very drafty and cold . Brrrr! What do you do?
by jamess
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I realize this is a bit late, considering I wrote it back in February of 2008, but since I didn't know about Kos back then I wasn't in a position to share it until now. I'll admit it doesn't have ...
by ThothXXI
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Scott Kleeb is a darling of Daily Kos, but I was over to his website, and I didn't see damn thing about voting integrity. I've never heard him speak, but I hope he has something to say about it. ...
by john de herrera
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I’m somewhere in Arizona now, stopped to get some rest. I went down looking for the Gila River, but when I stopped to talk to two Pima Indians about where it was, they said the white man ...
by john de herrera
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