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Oh My! ROME – Pope Benedict XVI has shut down a famous community in Rome ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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On October 27, Barack Obama will be on the Daily Show. This raises a very important question: What sort of drinking game should we all engage in while watching. Do we base it on a specific word, ...
by LunkHead
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Its the New York Stock Exchange announcing a half-hour show for Voices of September 11 survivors and family. Please read this blurb carefully ::: 3:30pm to 4:00pm -- Presentation of ...
by vets74
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Greg Gutfield, author and wit, in the spirit of cultural understanding and learning is organizing a campaign to open a Muslim gay bar next door to Park51, the mosque proposed near Ground Zero.
by IonaTrailer
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It was many, many years ago. I was, hm, 20 or so. I had a friend, my age, we'll call her C. We were good friends, and I'd expressed a mild interest in taking things beyond friendship, which was ...
by ChurchofBruce
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Greetings, Wheebles. Just got done catchin' up with Wee Mama's "Plateaus and Pooties" diary (ooh, I love it when she speaks French!) and thought I'd just jump in and post this open thread.
by bloomin
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You see, I decided to play the Atrios drinking game :Probably he'll punch a few hippies, because that's how all the cool kids ...
by LunkHead
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Here at Drinking Liberally, our message to Budweiser is simple: Quit the Chamber of Commerce. Join the planet. We like beer, but we like the ...
by Living Liberally
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I live in an undisclosed-for-security-purposes state which has lots of cheese and has seen the best and ...
by jorogo
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An effort to get Maryland DKos readers together for socializing and activism.
by tbrucegodfrey
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I have a recently favorite drink. There have been many previous favorites. In College it was reasonably priced beer--the Canadians come to mind: Molson, LeBatt's, Moosehead. In the years after ...
by FrankCornish
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In these days before Barack Obama is inaugurated the 44th president of the United States, many people are converging on Washington, DC. Among people of my acquaintance, much drinking will ensue (has ...
by Laura Clawson
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by Bcgntn
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Outrage! From the New York Times : Citing security ...
by HoldEmAccountable
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He's hitting the sauce .
by Unabogie
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Welcome to the first Tuesday Night Drinking Thread on Daily Kos! You may have seen my Friday Night Drinking Threads, but I figured this is worth a special edition. We now have a great leader we ...
by skidrow
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What is it that you are employing to deal with tonight's drama, or rather to celebrate the election of a transformational, inspirational figure with a first class intellect and temperament?
by CaptainTight
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Is it right for the McCain campaign to embrace the whole "Joe Six-Pack" lifestyle? Is it right to elevate a guy who drinks six beers after they get home from work? Cause that's a true Joe Six-Pack. ...
by corey3rd
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Car crash deaths in the United States declined last year, reaching the lowest level in more than a decade. Only 41,059 people ...
by futurebird
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They may be party animals when chugging $8,204 worth of booze but, after the hangover is over, the staff at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce goes back to being their ugly anti-worker selves. ...
by Tula Connell
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