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As i watch time and energy being burned up after the Hobby Lobby fiasco I could scream. I have been involved in health care reform since the healthcare workers of Boston held "Health University" in ...
by don mikulecky
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It’s time to update an article I wrote well over a year ago when I was recovering from statin drug toxicity. At the time, it was attacking all of my tendons and muscles and I spent 8 months in ...
by reallypissedoff
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If anybody is still in doubt that the recent "health insurance reform" bill is a giveaway to the insurance and drug industries that leaves Americans without affordable health care, just take a look ...
by Andiamo
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I must say that my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I read this piece in the New York Times on Sunday ...
by Dockers Tragic
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The White House did major damage control with Dem Senators yesterday, after the blockbuster ...
by Joan McCarter
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In Memoriam: To Those Who Made An Ultimate Sacrifice To Those Who Died So that The Illness Industry Could Profit By Their Serving As Collateral Damage This is for those among we ...
by Andiamo
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Flu vaccine studies funded by drug companies are significantly more likely to be published in top journals and to later be cited in scientific literature than studies without drug company funding, ...
by Frankie Teardrop
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Project Awakening Vol. 1, issue 2. June 6, 2008. Change cannot happen if people don’t want to change, and nobody wants to change if they are not aware of the need for it. ...
by Brother J
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I'm not in the habit of praising drug companies for their marketing, but some applause is due to Schering-Plough, makers of Claritin-D, one of many decongestants that used to be on your drug store ...
by Ira R Allen
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by Ira R Allen
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by Iconoclast421
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by dtmky
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by CitizenCorps
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by therealcervantes
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