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Marijuana, reefer, weed, pot, kush, doesha, magic hemp, cannabis. Cannabis , also known as marijuana (from the Mexican Spanish marihuana) and by other names, is a preparation of the Cannabis plant ...
by Karen Hedwig Backman
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Where has the last 6 years of my life gone? The worst part of it all started in May, 2006 shortly after I was referred to a pain clinic for some of my MS and other related aches and pains. However, ...
by MarciaJ720
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The ability of the United States to implement policies that empirical evidence strongly suggests have failed is perhaps the one true bipartisan action of the last four decades. In foreign policy a ...
by Old Gray Dog
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So, with all the proposals floating around to drug-test various recipients of government benefits (because, of course, those people are spending that money to buy drugs, not to support their families,
by TDDVandy
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From Texas-Mexico border now combat zone say two retired U.S. generals in new report Tired of hearing from Obama ...
by metamars
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AFP reports that 10 years after Portugal decriminalized drug use, and decided to treat addicts instead, that the experiment has worked.
by HoundDog
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Insane news, which isn't getting much coverage yet: The Feds have just raided medical marijuana dispensaries across Montana. Armed agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration, FBI, and ATF ...
by DavidSegal
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There's a provocative diary on the Rec List concerning Bradley Manning and the other ...
by Phoenix Woman
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This story was sent to me via email from The NORML Newsletter: The Prince of Pot, Marc Emery, will be extradited to the United States. It will happen imminently, according to his attorney. ...
by BhangBong
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cross-posted from Sum of Change On Friday, May 14th 2010, I got the chance to sit down with Neill Franklin, the Executive ...
by SumOfChange
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There is good policy. There is bad policy. And, then, there is just pure dumb policy. In the last category I put the so-called "war on drugs" which has accomplished the following: wasted tens of ...
by Jonathan Tasini
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I'm from upstate New York, so what do I know about the Attorney General of the next state over? That she's running for the Senate for Teddy Kennedy's old seat? That the once shoo-in candidate in a ...
by jackl
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With children being arrested in schools for profanity, yelling at teachers, and hallway tussles, "zero tolerance" policies aren't working and are denying students "due process" before they are ...
by David Chura
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British researchers evaluate 20 substances, rating each on a scale of 0-3 on each of three dimensions: physical harm, risk of dependency, and social harm. That means each substance could receive a ...
by teacherken
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This just in from Medical Marijuana Project: “Marijuana is dangerous and has no medicinal benefit.” — White House drug czar Gil Kerlikowske, at a Fresno, Calif., press conference ...
by shmuelman
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A daily blog in defense of liberalism and the President.
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Those of you who have been around a while probably remember that I was an early supporter of Jim Webb for the United States Senate and was actively involved in his 2006 campaign. Thus when I see a ...
by teacherken
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I confess to particularly enjoying afternoons where discussions turn to bigger picture themes and underlying principles. Or perhaps I just had a great weekend and spending a fair amount of time on ...
by washunate
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It's been discussed ad nauseum here and Barack said it wasn't an appropriate intiative to revive the economy. Nonetheless, as Jack Cafferty so often does (and endears himself to us even more), ...
by tristan57
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This is big. One of the worst drug laws in the country, in terms of its aggregate impact on people, may finally be on the way out. The NY Times [http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/05/nyregion/...
by Seneca Doane
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