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Tear gas, cops-gone-wild, broken windows, beaten protesters, all condensed down into headlines like "Protesters Confront Cops." By now most of you have probably read some version of Oakland's May Day;
by jpmassar
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Today OWS demonstrators are staging a 24 hour protest outside the Mayors Townhouse. I hope that there will be no more violence directed towards the 99% demonstrators. The demonstration began at ...
by Tool
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And I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a petition in their hands. Some of you may have heard of the effort Wisconsin is putting together to recall our Governor, Scott Walker. People got a ...
by vacilando
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We're going to report on this story before anyone else does, because, well, it's very, very silly, but if cast in the wrong light, it has the potential to do some serious harm to our movement. ...
by OllieGarkey
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The day is finally here. I've been doing this series for some time now, and I've featured some of the most influential drummers of the 20th century. This is the day that I know the drummers have ...
by greggp
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I can't believe that I almost missed this day, because it's ELVIN'S birthday. Elvin Jones would have been 82 today. I mention that I can't believe it, because Elvin is probably my first real brush ...
by greggp
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Today we celebrate one of the most influential rock drummers who never wanted to be a rock drummer and doesn't think he is rock drummer, Ginger Baker, who turns 70 today.
by greggp
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I’ve been waiting for this day for some time, because today we get to celebrate the birthday of a big drumming influence for a lot of drummers who grew up in the 1960s, Joe Morello, born on ...
by greggp
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Today's entry in the series on influential drummers is a rather tragic one, and it definitely features a drummer that many of you will not know by name. But I assure you that you have heard Jim ...
by greggp
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This is the latest in the series on influential drummers, and today's entry may seem a little odd. But, Bob Crane was a drummer, and I think he had an influence on a lot of impressionable Baby ...
by greggp
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Yesterday I said that there’d be another entry, and it would be BIG. Don't anyone say "Ringo who?" Ringo Starr is 69 today. I will state for the record right now, that I am one of those ...
by greggp
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Today in the famous and influential drummers’ birthdays series we salute Louis (Louie) Bellson, born on this day in 1924. In my experience, when it comes to famous jazz drummers, most non-...
by greggp
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This really sucks, that is, having to break my rule about drummer birthdays rather than deaths, but I had to do it this time. Jim Chapin was on my list, and I was going to do a diary about him on ...
by greggp
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This is the latest in my series on some of the influential drummers in modern western music. Today it's Ian Paice, the original drummer for Deep Purple. Now I'm sure some of you would say "who"? ...
by greggp
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I know I said I wasn't going to do this as part of my drummer series, but there is some controversy as to the exact date of Chick Webb's birth. Also, it was some time in February, and I just don't ...
by greggp
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This is the second in my series of diaries about some of the influential drummers of the modern jazz and rock 'n' roll era, which will appear on the anniversary of their births. You may have seen ...
by greggp
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John Bonham, drummer for Led Zeppelin, would have been 61 today. Unfortunately he had an untimely death on September 25, 1980. It is said that his death precipitated the end of the band. I tend ...
by greggp
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I am frankly surprised that no one else has diaried this today. I think that after today, I need a little diversion, sad as it may be. On September 25, 1980, John Henry Bonham, drummer for the ...
by greggp
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So if you're planning to come to NC this weekend, and specifically the Charlotte area, why not check out a wonderful event just fifteen short miles from downtown, in beautiful Weddington? drumSTRONG,
by Helen in NC
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The slogan Remember 9/11 is thinly veiled code for Will for Revenge . Remember 911 is not to be read literally. The bearers of this slogan dont know much about what happened. ...
by mrcoder
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