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I grew up Jewish and was not exposed to pork much as a child, except the occasional bacon my mom would sneak out to me as a kid. But when I got older I became very adventurous in my eating, ...
by BFSkinner
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Six months ago, I wrote about my frustration with finding seafood that didn't contain tripolyphosphate, a chemical that when added to meat and especially seafood, allows it to soak up and retain ...
by weck
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I've always, in one way or another, eaten "off the beaten path." I was raised in a natural foods vegetarian household, and even though I don't hold to either of those standards as an adult, I still ...
by allergywoman
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This is a Shameless Self-Promotion diary. Respond as you wish.
by Crashing Vor
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Last night I made brownies. I noticed while I was doing it, that the subatomic structure of the universe was weakened considerably. I could almost see through the veil that separates these threads, ...
by GreenMother
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Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore, While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of some one ...
by mellowinman
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Monday Night Cancer Club is a Daily Kos group focused on dealing with cancer, primarily for cancer survivors and caregivers, though clinicians, researchers, and others with a special interest are ...
by DrLori
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This diary will be some about some strategies that I currently and have in the past employed when time/accessibility does not mark possible to cook at meal at home. Though even eating out cheap will ...
by GoGoGoEverton
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The topic tonight is food. There is no way one diary can do justice to such a wide topic, but I tried to select from a wide variety of songs... making sure I started with a meatball was my only ...
by BFSkinner
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A few weeks after I wrote the first diary about GotMilk ("Milky" for short), I put him back with his brothers and half-sister. You would have thought that I had introduced a brand-new cat; there ...
by marilync
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Whenever I tell people that I cook only vegetarian food at home, their reaction mirrors my own 15 years ago when I first met my now husband. “What kind of Latino are you?” I asked him as I ...
by Elisa
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I have seen a lot of posts about how it is more expensive to eat healthy than to eat unhealthy meals and I know there are a lot of KOS people without jobs right now. I have an unusual way of ...
by TXConservative
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Summer is here, with all the tourists and motor homes that come along with summer. Perhaps someone predicted a run on the redwoods as I don't really see a decline in traffic on the highways this year.
by debbieleft
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We have all read that chocolate has some wonderful health benefits. What we haven't read is that much of the chocolate science has been paid for, at least in part, by chocolate makers. So is ...
by debbieleft
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70% of Americans are concerned with muscle loss. What are you doing as part of your weight, health, eating and exercise, to prevent it?
by debbieleft
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She was 46 years old. Found dead in her home May 23. Labecca was the type of person who lit up a room, she would announce her entrance with a smile and happy "Hello". She wore so many hats it was ...
by debbieleft
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or are you just happy to see me? The intragastric Balloon could be the latest answer to weight loss surgery. This is a non-surgical solution. The balloon is designed to provide short term weight ...
by debbieleft
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Good evening, Wheebles! I hope you've all survived the week and have something nice to look forward to this weekend. Tonight I'll share a few ideas with you and hope to hear yours as well. First a ...
by Wee Mama
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This is a brief review of a very brief book by Michael Pollan. FOOD RULES An Eaters Manual. I'll share a few of the rules after the following WHEE box..... WHEE (...
by debbieleft
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How would you feel if your plate began commenting on the way you eat? Perhaps it could give gentle, Victorian aunt comments: "My dear, perhaps you'd enjoy that dish a tad more with a little more time.
by Wee Mama
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