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In a long-awaited decision released early this morning, U.S. District Court Judge Edward Korman ordered the FDA to make emergency contraception available over-the-counter to women of all ages, ...
by RH Reality Check
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Last week, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists called for access to emergency contraception over-the-counter. We need to send a clear signal to Secretary Sebelius that women's ...
by RH Reality Check
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This according to Hannity and "the man that knows Ohio like no one else," Bill Cunningham. Now you can all calm down... Since I had to drive 14 hours today across a few states, with no satellite ...
by txprogressive12
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This year, the Back Up Your Birth Control campaign is addressing the lies head-on. Our theme is as simple as it is scientifically accurate: EC=BC. EC is a form of birth control. There is no ...
by RH Reality Check
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While Secretary Sebelius’ decision to intervene and block Plan B One-Step’s OTC status was shocking on several fronts, those of us at the Center for Reproductive Rights saw it as “déjà vu ...
by RH Reality Check
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Whether President Obama was compelled to weave the bubble gum narrative for political gain or because it truly reflects his thinking, the result is the same. Complex sexual health issues get overly ...
by RH Reality Check
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Experts, who we count on for guidance and sound evidence-based medicine, have repeatedly shown Plan B to be not only extremely effective, but incredibly safe. Although the experts in the FDA agreed ...
by RH Reality Check
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Disappointed, angry, dismayed -- these are only some of the emotions I am feeling this afternoon after hearing President Obama's poor excuse for restricting access to Plan B One Step. I am also ...
by RH Reality Check
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Today’s news about our own Kathleen Sebelius’ overruling the FDA on EC for youth in need of pregnancy ...
by RH Reality Check
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It is time to propose practical changes that would actually cut public expenditures, protect rape victims and make the anti-women animus that motivates these proposals visible for all to see.
by RH Reality Check
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Another fight is brewing over Catholic hospitals and reproductive health care - this time in Maryland, where a dispute over building a hospital may result in fewer options for abortion care, ...
by RH Reality Check
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by Lindsay Beyerstein, Media Consortium ...
by The Media Consortium
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In an unexpected move, the Washington State Board of Pharmacy moves to change a rule which prevents pharmacies from being able to refuse to dispense emergency contraception. But the public outcry,
by RH Reality Check
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Written by Gretchen Borchelt , Senior Counsel National Women’s Law Center Today, a ...
by National Womens Law Center
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Earlier this week The Wisconsin Legislature passed Assembly Bill 377/Senate Bill 129 aka "The Compassionate Care for Rape Victims Bill" and will almost certainly be signed into Law by Governor Jim ...
by Ferretlass
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