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This is not an easy diary to write. I've considered myself liberal since I was young. My views on the world aligned (and still do) with thoughts we consider classically liberal. I believe in free ...
by mflorian
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I’ve been smoking cigars since about 2000. Finally this week I decided to quit. Cold turkey. Today is my third day smoke free, and boy does it suck. How do people live this way? It’s like I’...
by EricMaderLin
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We all *know* that the Mississippi runoff election was *stolen* from Chris McDaniels by BPVs (Black Persons Voting), because why on earth would BPVs head to the poles to prevent a senate seat from ...
by RunningForJudge
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Last week America got to see what a “Real Conservative” looks like during Commandant Ted Cruz's brilliant GOP-led Shutdown. America saw what “small government” looked like and America ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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Is the Echo Chamber Starting to Crack? Right Wing columnist attacks the Tea Party. In Monday’s Washington Post op-ed page, there are two important essays about the Tea Party Republicans, one by E.
by VACommonsense
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In the days of old, setting the National Agenda was a rather straight-forward thing. Newsroom gate-keepers, in consultation with Administration gate-keepers, would pick which "topics" to "inform the ...
by jamess
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Seen on Twitter: This tells me something about the GOP base: They got nothin'. The problem is, they don't know that. They honestly think that they have reality on their side - and that makes ...
by Killer of Sacred Cows
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Those who have made their unfathomable fortunes supplying fossil fuels to an eaze-addicted society -- have a vested-interest in keeping-on selling their wares. For as long as corporately possible. ...
by jamess
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People and Corporations who have made their fortunes from selling fossil fuels to the masses -- have a vested-interest in keeping-on selling those fuels. For as long as corporately possible. So ...
by jamess
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If you have relatives (and coworkers) like mine -- just some fair warning: You may be in for accusations of "Democratic Voter Fraud" before the giving of thanks has ended. I was bombarded by an ...
by jamess
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The best reason for voting against Mitt Romney wasn’t revealed until the day after the election, when we were given a glimpse of the would-be emperor without clothes. Romney, we learned, is a ...
by Montana Cowgirl
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Various people and outlets on the left have thoroughly debunked Ryan's laundry list of right wing distortions and outright lies that made up his convention speech last night. Included in the many ...
by polidiscoursor
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Advocacy has three pillars: Reason: The facts involved with the advocacy are linked toward a call to action in a self-consistent, fallacy free, logical, common sense way. The advocate takes facts,
by potatohead
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By Robert Greenwald and Jesse Lava Just in time for the release of Brave New Foundation's new film, Koch Brothers Exposed , Rush Limbaugh has thrown in with Charles and David Koch in their letter ...
by RobertGreenwald
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I began writing a comment in Hunter's ...
by ObamOcala
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Charles and David Koch built an distortion machine to do their dirty work for them. Through think tanks, academic research, political donations and conservative media, the Koch brothers have ...
by RobertGreenwald
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As in "Its not Class warfare, its Math" We don't need Frank Luntz, this is perfect. Bumper sticker. Key message. Tells the story. Makes fun of tea party. Independents agree. Everyone gets it. ...
by Core Da Freak
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Because ya'll don't listen.
by Nashville fan
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Sorry to interrupt the chorous of folks patting themselves on the back and relieved that all the "troublemakers" have been banished from the kingdom, but has anybody stopped to consider the price ...
by Nashville fan
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This coming Tuesday, August 23, 2011 will mark the 40th Anniversary of one of the least known landmarks in the current American Counter-revolution by those who would would rather rule than be ...
by Into The Woods
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