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Krugman discovers a January 7, 2009 Statement from then ...
by Armando
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Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer’s recent column “Union Owned and Operated” outlines what he calls democrats “fealty” to organized labor. For progressive critics of ...
by laborlou
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Lawrence Summers, former Director of the White House National Economic Council for President Obama, is calling for significant additional economic stimulus to avoid following the pattern of Japan's "...
by HoundDog
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On his blog, Paul Krugman presents a graph from ...
by James Kroeger
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Building Bridges Radio: Your Community and Labor Report National Edition Produced by Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg ***************
by buildingbridgesradio
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In my last diary I talked about the plight of individuals who lose their incomes or are poverty-stricken. I want to turn now to rich people—their numbers are much fewer, but they control most of ...
by psyched
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Slowly but surely the economy is heading in the right direction. If the economy is a patient (I'm a trauma surgeon so I like to use medical analogies, sorry), the patient is still in the ICU. The ...
by ecthompson
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Earlier today I mentioned in a comment that single payer healthcare is pro-entrepreneur. I know people who won't leave a corporate job because to be self-employed or start their own company is to ...
by tiggers thotful spot
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I knew the Republicans didn't care about job creation. I knew they didn't give a damn about the unemployed. I knew they wanted to turn the US of A into a third world country where the rich hold ...
by Steven D
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(FWIW, I have a Master's Degree in Economics and have studied economic theory at the Ph.D level.) According to Republican economic mythology , there is no better way to create ...
by James Kroeger
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In this past campaign, we heard yet another round of conservative ads and rhetoric bashing Obama & the Dems over the bailouts, the purchase of GM & Chrysler, and the stimulus. And I feel my blood ...
by J Keplar
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Republicans are focused on keeping tax breaks for the ultra wealthy and holding tax breaks for the middle class, jobs, economic stimulus, healthcare, education, unemployment insurance extensions, ...
by rktect
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Why do I say a chance of avoiding catastrophe? I say that because only with a big democratic win, meaning more house seats and a greater than sixty-two seat majority in the Senate, will the ...
by LWelsch
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Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report National Edition Produced by Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg ****************************
by buildingbridgesradio
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We're less than 60 days out from the mid-terms, and the economic news appears to be getting worse by the day. However, thanks to guidance from Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and DCCC Chair Chris Van ...
by bobswern
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Yes, beware of extraordinary times is an overused saying, but it also applies to the extraordinary polarization of ideas as well as politics of the present. And in an election year, the politics of ...
by PopularEconomics
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Crossposted from The People's View . It's hard to prove a negative. But in the recent political and socio-economic climate, it is important for us ...
by deaniac83
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Highly-respected economic pundit Bill McBride, the Publisher of [http://www.calculatedriskblog.com Calculated Risk], served up a triple-whammy of inconvenient realities over at his blog on Saturday. ...
by bobswern
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The economic stimulus was a good idea. However, according to all reports it hasn't accomplished what it was supposed to accomplish. Could it be a problem with implementation?
by AKA potsi
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Ketchup is a vegetable This is the way ...
by innereye
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