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The Washington Post has decided to pollute itself with a ragingly unhinged rant against climate action by Republican political hack Ed Rogers . ...
by Laurence Lewis
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Still basking in the glow of our Nov. 6 win, I've been super extra scrumpdeliciously enjoying the opinion pages of both The New York Times and The Washington Post . Waaaaay down the page in today's ...
by RenaRF
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is the title of this eye-opening piece by Michael Grunwald at Time which I strongly urge people to read. Grunwald talked with a number of key Republican insiders, and what they have to say does not ...
by teacherken
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On Friday, September 18th, a letter was written to our current president, ...
by The Anomaly
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Some will no doubt accuse me of "guilt by association," but sometimes the old adage is true: "We are known by the company we keep." Ed Rogers is a supporter and "friend" of Terry McAuliffe. He ...
by JCWilmore
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(crossposted from Cobalt6 )
by kestrel9000
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Crossposted from The Virginia Democrat With his latest Snafu, Brian Moran has shown, again, that based on the campaign he has run so far, ...
by aznew
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So Republican strategist Ed Rogers wants every American to know that Barack Obama's middle name is Hussein. http://www.tpmcafe.com/blog/electioncentral/2006/nov/29/...
by Mister Go
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You've all heard by now about the master's thesis showing that conservatism really IS a mental illness.
by Phoenix Woman
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If you caught last nights hardball you were treated to a preview of what the republicans have in store for Sen. Obama if he runs for president. During a discussion of 08 presidential contenders, Sen.
by The Apathetic Militant
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