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If you work in the world of criminal justice as I did for ten years teaching in a county penitentiary the world can seem small and hostile and disinterested in making a difference in inmates' lives. ...
by David Chura
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My daughter is 17. She has been stepping into herself lately and many people in our lives are noticing it with pleasure. I was talking to her about that, trying to explain why we are so pleased. ...
by Renee
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The public high school in Monterey Bay, California is in an uproar. Actually, it's students are. This year, the school district wrote a new set of guidelines that prevents a majority of the kids ...
by angelajean
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The Internet is our most dynamic new societal institution, developing quickly over the past 25 years from “Web 1.0” (providing static web pages ...
by leftyparent
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In my personal discussions with teachers and other parents, and my written interchange with people commenting on the DailyKOS version of my blog, I feel like a broken record stressing the need for ...
by leftyparent
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Welcome to the Daily KOS educational alternatives group, which intends to focus on applying progressive egalitarian principles finally to one of the last bastions of traditional hierarchical thinking,
by leftyparent
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Lost in the exaggerated claims of "bad" teachers being at the core of all that ails education and the concurrent calls for greater teacher accountability, often linked to student test scores, is a ...
by plthomasEdD
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I just finished this diary only to discover that it had been auto-published at 8 AM this morning in its incomplete state. It was my mistake (I set the auto-pub thing last night then decided to do a ...
by Happy Rockefeller
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In line with President Obama’s directive to strengthen our military families, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has made a significant investment in DoDEA schools. This ...
by angelajean
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I've read a lot of diaries on DKos of late that slam charter schools. Specifically, they intend to slam for profit charter schools but tend to paint with a broad brush. I've decided it's time to ...
by angelajean
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Following up on my recent “School Alternatives 101” post, I want to share some quotes from three great ...
by leftyparent
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What I have gotten paid to do over the past fifteen years is to be a “systems analyst”, a job that involves understanding all the component parts that make a business process and/or the ...
by leftyparent
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