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Will a real diarist please do something with this, please? Thanks! In light of Limbaugh's, "Pope's a marxist..." comments and the right's veneration of all things St. Ronnie, Pope Francis' message ...
by praesepe
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In "discussions" on abortion laws with right leaning friends and family, I've often said in the end strict abortion laws would make miscarriages illegal and the women who have them felons. This ...
by koseighty
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If you go down to El Salvador -- and you are a woman -- prepare for your genital area to be surrounded with yellow crime scene tape: After seeking emergency medical attention for the sudden onset of ...
by Karen Hedwig Backman
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Ray Bonner was working for The New York Times in January 1982 when he (at the same time as Alma Guillermoprieto of The Washington Post) broke the story of "la matanza"—[the massacrehttp://www....
by Meteor Blades
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Latin America is home to five of the seven countries in the world in which abortion is banned in all instances, even when the life of the woman is at risk. Here's why. Written by Cora Fernandez ...
by RH Reality Check
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Ruby Corado was 16 when her parents sent her to the United States to escape the civil war in El Salvador. When she arrived in Washington DC, she found very few resources for Latinos and none for ...
by rserven
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The Catholic Church and the international anti-choice movement are desperate to deny that Beatriz did, in fact, have an abortion. And much of the media is taking the bait. Written by Editor in ...
by RH Reality Check
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There is some very good news in the world today, especially for a young pregnant woman in El Salvador who has been granted a life-saving medical procedure. El Salvador's Health ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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In a stunning decision made worse by the length of time it took to be handed down, the Supreme Court of El Salvador denied a young woman "permission" on Wednesday for an abortion needed to save her ...
by RH Reality Check
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As people take to the streets in support of Beatriz, pressure is mounting on the Supreme Court of El Salvador to finally make a decision granting Beatriz a life-saving abortion. Meanwhile, Beatriz's ...
by RH Reality Check
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A 22-year-old Salvadoran woman with severe chronic medical conditions is pregnant with a fetus without a brain. But a 1998 law in El Salvador prohibits all abortions, without exception. Written by ...
by RH Reality Check
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A song by Peter, Paul and Mary from the 1980s If you want the lyrics, you can go here Or listen, and think how the country may change, the amount of money may increase but somehow the role US plays?
by teacherken
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The Guardian has published a new documentary which clearly indicates that torture of Iraqi citizens was ordered from the top. Who is James Steele? According to a 1988 New York Times article ,
by bekosiluvu
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in this column from this morning's Washington Post . By now increasing numbers of people are aware and demonstrating some concern for the role the then Jesuit Provincial supervisor played during ...
by teacherken
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The wreckage of Col. Domingo Monterrosa's helicopter outside the Musem of the Revolution in Perquin, El Salvador.
by EZ writer
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The main feeling today is just one of intense gratitude to every ...
by hungeski
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Here in Central America, women are denied life-saving treatment every day. Women with life-threatening illnesses are denied treatment because to do so might harm their pregnancy -- just the same ...
by RH Reality Check
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by Frank Cocozzelli
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Ha ha! Oncology is expensive! Ha ha! This is so much better than your wife surviving! In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek , Mitt Romney ...
by David Waldman
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Roberto d'Aubuisson When Mitt Romney decided to take up the offer to launch Bain Capital in 1983, he initially found financing difficult to come by. And so, after some initial misgivings were ...
by Meteor Blades
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