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he's a marine , decorated in vietnam! what more do you obama-bots need to know? but — for the benefit of the patriotically-...
by aarrgghh
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Over the past few weeks, I've written about a particular aspect of Rick Warren that has so far seen very little formal media attention--his extensive connections to groups and persons connected to ...
by dogemperor
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It is essentially over. Franken has more than tripled his lead in today's ongoing counts of the absentee ballots and he ...
by Blue Wind
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Nearly two and a half years to the day, I wrote an early article detailing Rick Warren's connections with Paul Yonggi Cho nee ...
by dogemperor
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My very first diary for Daily Kos was an overview of Pete Sessions' dismal performance in the 2004 debates with Martin Frost ,
by CoolOnion
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As a former disc jockey (yes we used real records then), I tend to relate to stories told by music, so I've been giving some thought to how we might celebrate President-elect Obama's historic ...
by Interceptor7
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This is something of a cautionary tale, a warning, inspired by what we've just witnessed and accomplished. The older folk among us well remember these events (and no doubt their memories may differ,
by caul
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America today faces great problems going into the future. The free market failed in many areas, and we need to make up for it. But more important then the failings in the stock market; there is ...
by electronicmaji
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Recently, many Democrats have come out and used their new found full majority to speak in favor of removing the freedoms that they see give advantage to the Republicans. Not now, nor ever, is ...
by electronicmaji
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In the Primaries Leading up to the 2008 Electioins two camps were embroiled in a bitter run-off; Hillary Clinton with her newly made Conservative Democrat image, and Obama with a Transitive Moderate ...
by electronicmaji
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There are times when its important to speak up such a time is now.
by electronicmaji
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I'm going to try to listen throughout the day, so you don't have to, to give the morning reactions form the radio right. Any other masochists out there, please join in. I'm including some live ...
by itchyredness
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Dear Joe, You know how much we all like you here in Daily Kos and we want you to make sure you continue your successful career. You are a political genius. Your support to senator McCain proved ...
by Blue Wind
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Censor Bachmann!
by electronicmaji
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Yes We Did. As far as diaries go, that's the extent of mine. Those three simple words. I cried. I laughed. I smiled. I ran outside and yelled 'President Obama' at the top of my lungs. I fell ...
by Diarist
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Barack Obama...
by electronicmaji
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One of the great ways to keep track of what's happening around the country on this incredibly historic day is Twitter . Around the ...
by Payne
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From Bruce Springsteen to witch doctors in Kenya, and dance troupes the world over, Barack Obama has inspired the international community and raised hope in ways a presidential candidate has not ...
by mosaicnews
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Crossposted at The Reel Feel and excerpted ...
by sluggahjells
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Here's the lede of the analysis by Steve Lombardo, posted about a half-hour ago: Tomorrow, Barack Obama ...
by litho
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