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Just for fun, on election day I stopped over at Redstate to gather a few last minute predictions from the Gooper crowd. It now seems that their data was slightly askew. These folks would have done ...
by Interceptor7
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I've been a part of this community since before I ran for any public office, and throughout all my campaigns, you have all been so supportive. I realized it's been a while since I've checked in ...
by Senator Andrew Rice
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Just got back from two or three hours phonebanking to FL. The lists I was using were pretty much pro-Democratic voters -- the few registered Republicans on the list weren't answering the phone -- ...
by litho
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Obama's final Ohio push is AMAZING! Obama has a lead in most Ohio polls, but it is still coming down to GOTV efforts .
by BoBo2020
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Can we get past the bickering, the partisanism, the bullshit? Can we come together as americans regardless of party identity?
by electronicmaji
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Arizona is in play for Barack Obama as shown by many of the recent polls. Team McCain does not know how to handle this. It's pathetic that McCain will be having a campaign rally in Arizona,
by Gramarye
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In 2004 this was the popular vote tally: Bush 50.73% (62,040,610 votes) Kerry 48.27% (59,028,444 votes) [http://www.fec.gov/pubrec/fe2004/federalelections2004....
by BenGoshi
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It's generally the tradition that people do like to be scared around Halloween--originally a festival meant to drive away the monsters of the night, we now celebrate all things spooky and monstrous.
by dogemperor
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I recently discovered a delightful little blog called, plainly enough, Margaret and Helen, in which two charming octogenarian ladies offer their ...
by Interceptor7
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In 1966, the state of Maryland created the Court of Special Appeals (the intermediate appellate Court of Appeals for Maryland) to help reduce the expanding caseload of the existing Court of Appeals. ...
by Enterik
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Viva la Revolution! There is a revolution underway in Florida, and it is being led by an unlikely ally - Governor Crist - and fought by over 30 Florida counties that are ...
by BoBo2020
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As summarized in this article in the East Valley Tribune, three polls in the past week has shown the race in Arizona to be in a dead heat!
by Gramarye
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A John McCain adviser recently called his running mate Sarah Palin a "diva" after she went off-script at a rally, and suggested she was looking after her own political future over the ...
by Diarist
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The sixth circuit of Maryland's Circuit Court is comprised of Montgomery and Frederick Counties ( map ). There are two judges which ...
by Enterik
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A new monthly series that will run on every last tuesday of the month dealing with the erosion and securing of our rights in our nation. This series will cover everything, and stray from nothing, ...
by electronicmaji
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Ok, call me an addict. I confess I keep going back to pollster.com over and over during the day. I can't help myself. So what do I find there all of a sudden? Yellow Georgia.
by litho
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Good news for Modern Liberals! Braving the elements of hot sun intermingled with drenching rain squalls and gusting winds, and the dispiriting waits in line as long as 5 hours, Democrats whose ...
by Limelite
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Add Jim Inhofe to the list of politicians trying to split the country in two: "real America" versus the rest of us. In his latest attack ad, Inhofe shows he’s taking cues from Sarah Palin, ...
by Andrew for Oklahoma
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Barack Obama is campaigning in several Western states this weekend. Today, he was in Reno & Vegas, baby!
by NCDem Amy
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I have heard the saying, "People fear what they don't understand." Well I don't understand racism, but I don't fear it, I just simply hate it. I have no idea what would. Well yes I do, ignorance.
by Diarist
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