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As so often happens, comments turn into diaries. Twigg and FloridaSNMOM; reminded me , to remind everyone. It's Time To Apply For Heating Assistance . FloridaSNMOM says (in her comment); that, ...
by rebel ga
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carnac the magnificent sez: "hmm ... an empty table!" (see the end of this diary for the question to carnac's answer)
by aarrgghh
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It is the bicentennial of the birth of Charles Dickens and I find myself with a strange feeling of déjà vu listening to politicians in the UK. When we think of Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, or ...
by NY brit expat
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As the newly ascended King of the Birther Movement (watch out when "throne" and "movement" are in the same sentence), it behooves you to come up to speed quickly on the rules and special ...
by Verbalobe
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This maxim articulated by Marx is extremely relevant; not only as a description of ensuring the subsistence of the population after socialism is established. It is relevant as it forms an excellent ...
by NY brit expat
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While watching the prime ministerial debates prior to the election, inevitably there came the moment that I was awaiting, with a rather unhappy feeling of d�j� vu. This moment was during ...
by NY brit expat
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One confusing aspect of the continuing nonissue of Obama's eligibility to be President is the exact meaning and purpose of "at the time of Adoption in Article II. Article II states: &
by kimwallen
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The McCain campaign is going to have no interest in releasing his birth certificate. It's not because it will once again reinforce his age--the certificate would not change the significance, or ...
by andyfoland
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Not to pick on ScarySteve, who did some nice research, but I've had it up to here with those who mistakenly believe McCain is NOT eligible to be President. Especially those who should know better. ...
by Searching for Pericles
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Near as I can figure, the NY Times popped the question first: McCain’s Canal Zone Birth Prompts Queries ...
by dudemanguy
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Now, I'll be up front and say that I think McCain SHOULD be eligible, and that it'd basically be ridiculous if he weren't. With that said, the NY Times has an article about whether the fact that he ...
by leshrac55
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