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I live 10 minutes away from Detroit. Hop, skip and jump across the pond and there I am. Other than the city I live in, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, there is no city that I am spent more time in ...
by mmayer
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Mitt Romney is all about dismantling the federal government's role in ...
by Laura Clawson
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Gov Romney: In view of your statement that State Governments do the best job with respect to emergency fund, i want to give you a quick snap shot of how Emergency budget fund is used today. I am ...
by InfiniteThoughts
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If you're at the Republican National Convention, this morning's New York Times editorial page isn't the place for you. In a scathing piece, the Old Grey Lady argues that Tropical Storm (and soon to ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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The “We Built That” theme of the Republican Convention will now go down in history as an act of overweening hubris on a par with the naming of the Titanic. The Ayn Randian ideal that the “...
by NCJan
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At the Rotary Club of Wyandotte, former Emergency Manager Michigan Stampfler held press and public event on April 24th , highlighting what ways he believes Michigan Controversial statue Public Act #...
by kayla9170
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The true cost of the Iraq war: $3 trillion and beyond by Joseph E. Stiglitz and Linda J. Bilmes,
by jamess
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Hey Eric Cantor! Since you are so keen on making Disaster Victims "pay for" any Assistance they might get from the Federal Govt -- Well FEMA has "crunched the numbers" under your new rules, and ...
by jamess
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Today's cruel and heartless comments about the Tornado Victims in Joplin, from Eric Cantor left me stunned and amazed. It was So Outrageous -- even for them. Two diaries on the Rec List right ...
by jamess
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I live in a seismic zone (the Pacific NW), so I "think about" Earthquake Events occasionally. Knowing how to react, when the building you're in, when itself "starts to react" -- could save your life.
by jamess
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Here's a Town, that said "Hell No, to the Crude" -- NOT on their Watch! Magnolia Springs, Alabama, Weeks Bay. Updated: Tuesday, June 8, ...
by jamess
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"Chance favors the prepared mind." Louis Pasteur FEMA:
by SaraBeth
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