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The Bergen Record and the Star Ledger , NJ's largest newspaper, have endorsed Democratic challenger Roy Cho for election to the 5th District seat in Congress. OK, the editorials spent most of their ...
by bkswrites
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Tomorrow I will be a poll worker in NYC's primary election. I spent a whole day getting trained. It was intense and tomorrow will be intense. I already have done one day as a poll worker helping ...
by mole333
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I have been following endorsements in NY State for months now and highlighting them as they come. I was one of the first to catch the NY Times endorsement of Tim Wu. I may have gotten the following ...
by mole333
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Melodrama is sometimes rather irresistible. Yeah, I got sucked in from time to time. But OH MY GOD. Can we kind of refocus a bit? I mean it isn't as if reform in NY State is up for grabs in ONE WEEK!!
by mole333
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The NY Times has a tendency to follow fairly predictable, very mainstream, and not always progressive paths. I won't say I always DISagree with them, but we aren't always on the same page. Even ...
by mole333
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by David Nir
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Your political contribution strategy should be refined before the March 31 cut-off for fundraising covered by 1st quarter filings with the Federal Election Commission. I recommend balancing these ...
by emorej a Hong Kong
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With local elections tomorrow, Democrats are certainly looking to outperform the dismal results of non-presidential elections like 2010 that ham-strung local and national government with a wave of ...
by saCardinal
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This will be short, and I'm surprised I couldn't find this here (maybe I missed it). If so, it's good news and perhaps worth repeating. But some news out of the Houston Chronicle shows polling ...
by tytalus
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I am neither Jewish or have ties (except through friends) to Israel. A friend of mine sent me this. I got the link from the Huffington Post since she didn't have a link there. www.huffingtonpost.
by Rosalie907
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Citing " crisis-hit US ", the Brit financial daily endorses Obama in the 2012 election. Yet tomorrow’s election is arguably as important as any since 1980, when Ronald Reagan’s victory ...
by Karen Hedwig Backman
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I did this in 2008, and it appears to have worked, so I'm doing it again: I'm not a towering political figure. I don't have legions of rabid followers who hang on to my every word. I don't, in short,
by The Baptist Death Ray
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Just a got a tweet from Bloomberg News that the NYC mayor has endorsed President Obama. I guess if any news service should know they would be the first. No article yet but will update asap.
by dances with beagles
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This is a particularly strong endorsement, following a more tepid, yet still notable endorsement from the state's largest newspaper (and sister paper) the Charlotte Observer. For those unfamiliar,
by jerakami
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It was a grand moment when the Des Moines Register endorsed Mitt Romney. The battle cry, "First Republican Endorsement since Nixon". Huh? That's supposed to be a great thing? Yeah, it's a great ...
by hobeaux1031
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Thank goodness! The Chicago Tribune has endorsed President Obama. For those of you who are not near Chicago, you may think that this is because the President is from Chicago. However, this is only ...
by elizanne
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What a great Democrat, a guy who showed his competence in a recent debate against his tea bagger opponent with a hostile moderator. Forever indebted to him for his work when he was in the TX leg ...
by divineorder
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I have been and will remain a Barack Obama voter. I have been and will remain a big fan of Meat Loaf's music. There's no need to mock Meat Loaf's art just because of Meat Loaf's celebrity ...
by Ordinary Average Blogger
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The Plain Dealer has endorsed President Barack Obama for reelection. Some choice quotes: Today, we recommend President Obama's re-election. He has led the nation back from the brink of depression. ...
by aThracian
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Just got an email notice from Paul Sadler's campaign with great news! Out of Dallas no less! "The Dallas Morning News Editorial Board endorsed my candidacy last night." The Dallas Morning News ...
by htowngenie
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