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In the past few weeks, since I began writing about elections and politics and government, people have asked me, “Why?” Why am I doing all this research and writing about it? And my answer is ...
by Nomi Rene
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3. You earned at least $100,000 as an executive from Bain in 2001 and 2002, separate from investment earnings according to filings with State of Massachusetts. Can you give an example of anyone else ...
by TexMex
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Isn't it funny how one thing leads to another? I'm (still) looking at Wisconsin election information and - because of the way the GAB uses the word "inherit" - I started looking into the Statewide ...
by Nomi Rene
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The energy investigators who nailed Enron for energy price manipulation that nearly bankrupted California just took aim at oil refining giants including Chevron and BP. May the refiners’ gasoline-
by Consumer Watchdog
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If nothing else, Tuesday's recall election in Wisconsin showcased the triumph of deep pockets and short memories. But while Republicans tried to downplay their side's 8-to-1 cash advantage, they ...
by Jon Perr
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I've been in Banking for 17 years. My degree is not in finance or business. I kind of happened into it, but my degree is in Political Science. I used to work for a TBTF Bank in Energy lending back ...
by Texdude50
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Something like the 17-year (or possibly 13-year) cicada: Magicicada spp. spend most of their 13- and 17- year lives underground feeding on xylem fluids from the roots of deciduous forest trees in ...
by Karen Hedwig Backman
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Check out the story below about a lawsuit that puts every public pension plan at risk. I might be out on a limb here but I think this is how the financial industry and their willing servants in ...
by grimjc
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The Actual Confidential Emails by Enron Employees Shared with Koch Employees, the Year right Before the Enron Scandal Became Known Enron’s scandal became known on October 2001, but throughout the ...
by fredericacade
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Driven By Corporate Greed the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Legal Reform Defended Energy Companies Like Enron in the Past and Today Defends Energy Companies while ignoring their EPA ...
by fredericacade
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It’s beginning to appear more obvious just how insulated all of Washington D.C is from working people who need real jobs instead of a scheme called a JOBS Act. JOBS Act Passes House, Heads To ...
by priceman
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Current MNGOP Chair Pat Shortridge was no ordinary employee of the scandal ridden energy giant, Enron. He was the senior and chief spokesperson for one of the greatest scandals in our nations ...
by AlecMN
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"Natives who beat drums to drive off evil spirits are objects of scorn to smart Americans who blow horns to break up traffic jams."--Mary Ellen Kelly (anthropologist) (found in ...
by The Geogre
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...You Still Can't Now, And Tomorrow Won't Be Any Different" OK, that's a screenshot of the MN GOP's ...
by TwoPuttTommy
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Yep! It's a T Shirt - supporting The Green Coalition of ...
by TwoPuttTommy
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Because they had had neither the facts nor the law on their side, lawyers for Wall Street trade groups made up stuff in their complaint to overturn new regulations on speculative position limits.
by Been There 1963
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I figured I would post this, lest we all forgot how much Bush the younger had us all bent over WAY prior to the Fall 2008 collapse: Obama Bans Gimmicks, and Deficit ...
by AZ Independent
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70 cents of every gallon of gas you buy is your tribute to your Wall Street overlords, and Republicans LOVE IT. Yesterday, on the floor of the House of Representatives, Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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Wendy Gramm. Nee Wendy Lee, like President Barack Hussein Obama, born in Hawaii. No one to my knowledge has ever demanded the "real" birth certificate of Ms Professor Senatorial wife, Enron Board ...
by Karen Hedwig Backman
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In the first of a two-part interview, author and former publisher Dan Hind talks about his experiences in the publishing industry, and how powerful interests and structural forces skew the ...
by heathlander
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