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Help the children = save the world Do we want to stimulate the economy and help global warming in one stroke.... a simple solution. Close Oil,Gas and Coal subsidies and turn them around to forgive ...
by joe8888
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Entitled ... I hear it all the time... entitled. I first heard it when I was 15 some 45 years ago ... they were talking about my generation. How dare we ask for things? How dare we want change? How ...
by joe8888
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W.M. Romney has lost another week in the presidential race. Pre-obituaries are already being written about him and his campaign, but most of the obits miss the point: Willard really is an asshole, ...
by Richard Cranium
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This says it all.
by Onomastic
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Mitt Romney "There are 47% of people who feel entitled to healthcare, to food, to housing!" (Leaked Audio)
by anneonymous670
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In my last diary, I really appreciated the help and advice most people gave me, even if some of it it wasn't advice I could take or use due to my personal constraints - none of which any of you ...
by Killer of Sacred Cows
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... and see what you get.... One lesson from Sun Tzu, you never yield superior ground that has been paid for in blood, just because you are afraid of what one might think the enemy might do. ...
by Roger Fox
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Hillary doesn't feel entitled to the Presidency "because she's white." She feels entitled because she's HILLARY CLINTON. The Clintons think it is OWED to them and HOW DARE ANYONE for standing in ...
by Laffy
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I've never written a diary here, though I've commented on occasion. I just read Hunter's front pager, The Rules of ...
by ericthefruitbat
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