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Abusers and Their Abusive Behavior, Unmasked For All To See This certainly has been a hell of a week, and its depressingly hard to single out a single story as letting the sun shine under ...
by Andiamo
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What is the penalty politicians pay for being elected under false pretenses and lying to America, while hundreds of thousands of people die. Nothing? That seems to be the case.
by Andiamo
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60 to 70% of Americans polled want a "Medicare for All" system like that in Canada ...
by Andiamo
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In a bunch of new polls, its being shown time after time that a large majority of all Americans, of BOTH PARTIES support simply expanding Medicare to cover everybody, so that nobody is bankrupted by ...
by Andiamo
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The Seattle Times today carried today an interesting article with horrible implications, concerning ...
by Christy1947
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...only, unfortunately, no one is following him. This really ought to be high on the Progressive agenda because of the number of people this issue impacts. Employee Retirement Income ...
by MsGrin
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If you're a person who has been following the health care jungle, Columbia Journalism Review, and particularly, the work of Trudy Lieberman, has in the last few years, stood out as being an oasis of ...
by Andiamo
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The federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) governs all employment-based insurance, including health insurance. It cancels out state law protections against abuse by insurance ...
by Richard Johnston
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Imagine if you will a nightmarish situation in which you or a loved one get ill; and even though you are covered by an employer-based health insurance plan, a treatment that will prevent a lifetime ...
by dougdrenkow
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There has been talk recently about ERISA Section 514.. It would make a lot of sense to repeal these ERISA exemptions as they have led to some incredible abuses of justice. They are special legal ...
by Andiamo
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Of course it would happen, they are whittling away at any hope of affordable quality healthcare, confident that they will get away with it, after all, they always do, right? You can't ...
by Andiamo
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In the discussion about how Americans can be forced to pay ever-increasing prices for increasingly dysfunctional health care they can no longer afford, an important aspect of the problem has been ...
by Andiamo
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I read the other day that we are embarking upon a new journey of expanding the hate crimes definition to include crimes based on sex and gender orientatation- BUT we are leaving out hate crimes by ...
by Andiamo
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Cigna Corporation, a health insurer governed by the ...
by Richard Johnston
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Why do insurance companies breach their contracts and deny covered benefits? Because the law wants them to . Breaching a contract seems to most people like a bad thing to do – after all,
by Richard Johnston
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The Employee Retirement income Security Act (ERISA) governs employment-based insurance, including health insurance, and ...
by Richard Johnston
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Why do insurance companies act the way they do? Because they can. The vast majority of people who have health insurance, nine out of ten according to the ...
by Richard Johnston
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One of the major points advanced in favor of health insurance reform is that insurance companies abuse the privilege of refusing to cover you if they decide you have a pre-existing condition. That
by Richard Johnston
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My views on this issue are shaped by my experiences, as with most people. Particularly, they have been shaped by working as a lawyer, and before that a law clerk and low-level functionary in the ...
by John Minehan
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crossposted from unbossed A couple days ago, unbossed reported on the Senate's request that the ...
by shirah
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